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Kleber Old Fashioned by Caprice Bar
Photograph: Courtesy Caprice Bar

Christmas cocktail recipe: Kleber Old Fashioned by Caprice Bar's Lorenzo Antinori

A cocktail recipe inspired by one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe
Written by
Tatum Ancheta

One of our favourite ways – and probably one of the most necessary methods – to unwind over the holidays is to sip on fancy Christmas cocktails to get into the festive spirit. This year, some of our favourite drinking joints are temporarily closed, but a lot of bars with catering permits have prepared festive cocktails to add some cheer to the winter season, so you can still get a taste of boozy yuletide concoctions. If you're at home and would like to enjoy some festive drinks, we've asked Caprice Bar's beverage manager – and Time Out Hong Kong's 2020 bartender of the year – Lorenzo Antinori to share with us one of his Christmas cocktail recipes so you can make it at home. 

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Travel is off the books this year, and while we can only imagine Christmas in other parts of the world, the best way to satisfy our travel itch is to use our sense of taste and a bit of imagination. Travel to Europe with Lorenzo's Kleber Old Fashioned, inspired by one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe, the Strasbourg Christmas Market. Taking place in the Place Kléber, the central square of Strasbourg, France, the market has existed since 1570 and runs every year from November to December. 

"The cocktail is a take on the Old Fashioned cocktail that combines comforting flavours of Christmas such as ginger and mandarin, complemented with unexpected ingredients such as miso and Alsatian Riesling," shares Lorenzo. "It’s a combination of comforting and unusual flavours that triggers curiosity. The ginger, brown butter, and miso give the cocktail an unexpected interesting texture, while the Alsatian Riesling adds bright and aromatic notes and complexity," he adds. 

To taste the Kleber Old Fashioned, drop by at Caprice Bar and request for it and they'd be happy to whip it up for you. To enjoy at home, follow the recipe below: 

Photograph: Courtesy Caprice Bar


50ml gingerbread and miso bourbon
7.5ml honey syrup
1 dash Angostura bitters
3 dashes Alsatian Riesling
Mandarin oils

How to make the gingerbread and miso bourbon:
700ml Bourbon
65g white miso
80g brown butter
10g fresh ginger

1) Place the brown butter in the pan over a stove set to medium heat. Let it melt, then turn off the heat, and strain out any solid parts.
2) Combine all the ingredients and cook them in a water bath (cook by surrounding the pan with water) at 45 degrees for 60 minutes.
3) Pour the concoction in a sealed container and place it in the freezer.
4) Once you see that the fats have solidified, separate the liquid from the fats and bottle it.

How to make the honey syrup
1) Mix two parts acacia honey to one part hot water.
2) Whisk it properly until the honey is dissolved. Bottle and refrigerate. The mixture can last for up to three weeks.

Make the cocktail
1) In a mixing glass, stir all the ingredients together and strain them into a rock glass over a block of ice.
2) Release the oils of the mandarin skin on the surface of the cocktail for aroma. Serve and enjoy!

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