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10 great songs you have to listen to ahead of The Week 2019

A selection of must-listen tracks from the week-long music fest

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Time Out Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an incredible music scene. Whether it’s laid-back indie or head-banging metal, an increasing number of local acts are making their voices heard. If you want to listen to these homegrown talents, one of the best ways to do so is at The Week, the longest genre-spanning music fest in the city. Kicking off on March 3, this year’s event sees seven themed nights spread across seven venues across the city. You’ll get to hear everything from Sai Kung-based blues and folk rockers The Pineapple Jam to alt-rock heroes Nowhere Boys and Black Coffee. Special mention also goes out to the hip-hop showcase, featuring stalwarts such as 24Herbs as well as up-and-comers. As a primer for what’s to come, The Week’s co-founder Paul Sedille takes us through some of his favourite tracks performed by this year’s featured artists.

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10 great songs from artists at The Week 2019

In Spring – Twisterella*

Simple melodies growing into rich compositions, strummed guitars droning in the background as a steady beat supports dreamy vocals…this song gives you the recipe for the laid-back yet powerful strand of indie rock that Hong Kong does so well. Twisterella*’s got a lot more where that came from. Be sure you make it to the opening night to see them perform.

Twisterella* performs on Mar 3 at The Hub

Live Performance – Henry Chung & the Spontaneous Combustion

Not many Hong Kong musicians have made it into musical halls of fame in other countries but Henry Chung has done just that. His skills have been duly recognised by the Harmonica Hall of Fame in the US. This bluesy live performance gives just a small taste of his musicianship.

Henry Chung & the Spontaneous Combustion perform on Mar 4 at Lost Stars Livehouse


Typhoon – The Pineapple Jam

Folksy Americana band singing about Hong Kong typhoons? That’s exactly what homegrown group The Pineapple Jam delivers in this bluesy number.

The Pineapple Jam performs on Mar 4 at Lost Stars Livehouse

里程 – 及時雨 Rain In Time

Few local music scenes are as strong and vibrant as that of Hong Kong metal. Rain In Time is the perfect example of how much talent and energy can be packed into a young band. Check out this performance for a feel of the progressive, melodic style we’ve curated for our Metal night. Added bonus – you get to see how crazy Rain In Time performances can get.

Rain In Time performs on Mar 6 at This Town Needs


輪迴Samsara – Hakgwai

“World Music isn’t Hong Kong’s most well-known genre but the metropolis is an amazing melting pot for influences and instruments from across the oceans. In this unique outdoors rendition of 輪迴Samsara, multi-instrumentalist Hakgwai uses bird sounds, beatboxing and a handpan to convey the breaking of the circle of hardships.”

Hakgwai performs on Mar 5 at Ping Pong Gintonería

Loosef**k – David Boring

Between the cracks of ageing public estates grows one of Hong Kong’s most under-appreciated styles of music. Post-punk hails from a variety of influences – punk, ska, goth rock – but practitioners of the genre agree on one fact: things aren’t as nice as they seem and music is the best way to deal with hidden darkness. David Boring re-enacts that philosophy in this gritty, teeth-clenching concept video. The band is even better live.

David Boring performs on Mar 7 at Mom Livehouse


Go Hard – 24Herbs

Hong Kong’s very own OGs, 24Herbs recently released Go Hard, a fresh reminder that the wave of hip-hop that this original rap crew helped foster in the city over a decade ago is far from exhausted. The Week’s Hip-Hop night keeps it real with the OGs to bring you some of the best rap from Hong Kong.

24Herbs performs on Mar 8 at The Space@D2 Place

四面牆 – Novel Friday

Hong Kong has its established hip-hop stars but how well do you know the up-and-coming crews and the different strands within the scene? For example, did you know that there was a new wave of old-school rap, represented here by Novel Friday from PPC Records? There’s so much going on in the scene right now – that’s why The Week’s Hip Hop night features the most artists out of the entire event.

Novel Friday performs on Mar 8 at The Space@D2 Place


天外飛仙 – Nowhere Boys

You haven’t exhausted the breadth of Hong Kong’s musical styles until you’ve sat down and listened to Nowhere Boys’ unique strand of cinematic rock, as demonstrated in this energetic track (not to mention, you’re bound to thoroughly enjoy the movie-like music video too).

Nowhere Boys performs on Mar 9 at 1563

Sky – Seasons for Change

Carefully crafted complexity and kick-ass energy are what make this song an instant hit with fans. Seasons for Change moved from being the underdogs of the local scene to rising stars. They’re one of the many great acts rewriting the history of rock in Hong Kong.

Seasons for Change performs on Mar 9 at 1563

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