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sexy hong kong singers to know
From left to right: (top row) Jackson Wang, Joyce Cheng, Anson Lo, Grace Wong, Tyson Yoshi, Jace Chan IPhotograph: Courtesy of their official Instagram accounts

Sexy Hong Kong singers that you need to know about

Their singing isn’t the only thing that will make you swoon

Cherry Chan
Written by
Cherry Chan

Sex appeal is often a major selling point for the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to celebrities. We’ve previously brought you the hottest celebs from across Asia and Hong Kong, and this time, we’re back with the city’s hottest singers. We’ve searched high and low to find the hottest and most talented singers that Hong Kong’s entertainment industry has to offer, here’s some local eye candy that you should get to know.

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Hong Kong's sexiest singers you need to know

Jackson Wang


Kicking off our list, Jackson Wang is one of the biggest stars not only in Hong Kong and Asia, but arguably around the world too. From his position as K-pop boy group Got7’s rapper, his solo music endeavours under his label Team Wang, and working together with music company 88rising, it’s clear to see that Jackson’s talent as a performer is unparalleled.

Obviously, we can’t go without bringing up his stunning looks too. Rocking a head full of silver locks (for now), along with his ripped body and tattooed arms, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of him.

Joyce Cheng

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A post shared by Joyce Cheng (@princejoyce)

Singer, actress, and part-time Youtuber, Joyce Cheng is known for her down to earth and radiant personality. From earning herself the Top Female Artist award at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation in January 2022 to holding three concerts at the Hung Hom Coliseum shortly after in June; Joyce has been dominating Hong Kong’s Cantopop scene as of late. Despite her sweet angelic voice, Joyce has also got some killer dance moves which she’s been showing off in her music videos like @princejoyce and Big Boobs Bubble Butt. Unapologetic and bold; Joyce has got the talent, looks, and confidence that is sure to have you hooked.


Grace Wong

Establishing herself as an actress, singer, and dancer; Grace Wong is an all-rounder who has got it all. Currently, she’s a cast member in the Chinese dance program Great Dance Crew, where she and other Chinese female dancers prove themselves to be captivating performers and establish their own women’s dance crew. In terms of her singing, she goes by the artist name G.racie and has sexy tunes like Casada and Scream under her belt. Much like her dancing, she shows her seductive side in her music videos, whether it’s through her mesmerising vocals, intricate choreography or stage presence.

Anson Lo

Of course we couldn’t compile this list of sexy Hong Kong singers without mentioning one of the Mirror boys. Since debuting in the mega-popular boy group, Anson Lo’s solo artist career has skyrocketed and taken Hong Kong by storm. While he’s usually known for his cute and boyfriend-like image, he’s teased his seductive side here and there in his Instagram pictures. His latest single King Kong sees him bearing his sculpted arms in sleeveless tops as he dances it out in a dystopian desert reminiscent of Mad Max. Talk about a complete image flip.


Jace Chan

As one of the rising stars of Cantopop, Jace Chan has been making waves within Hong Kong’s music scene. Debuting in 2019, her first album Processing went platinum and she swept up the award for New Artist at the Metro Radio Hits Awards in the same year. Ever since she got her start in music, she’s hit the ground running by combining her silky vocals with a cool girl persona in songs like I Wish and Long D. The sensual vibes extend into her personal wardrobe too, as she’s not afraid to make a statement with outfits like daring backless dresses or skin-tight leotards with mesh catsuits.

Tyson Yoshi

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A post shared by Tyson Yoshi (@tysonyoshi)

For all the bad boy enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled; rapper and singer-songwriter Tyson Yoshi has sent Hong Kong into a frenzy since his debut in 2018. With his hip-hop tracks like I Don’t Smoke & I Don’t Drink and sensuous R&B tracks like Better, his mellow vocals will melt you. Aside from his ‘I’m too cool for you’ image and fashion sense, he’s not afraid to occasionally bare his sculpted chest, arms, and torso covered in tattoos. Tyson certainly knows how to turn up the heat and make his fans go wild.


Kenny Kwan

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A post shared by Kenny Kwan (@kennyjr)

Even from his days as a member of the duo group Boy’z back in Even from his days as a member of the duo group Boy’z back in the early 00’s, Kenny Kwan has caught people’s eyes with his gorgeous looks. Since his popstar career took off, Kenny’s been busy establishing himself as an actor in both film and television over the past decade. But he hasn’t forgotten about his roots in music, as he still releases music every now and again, with his most recent song Invisible flaunting his angelic voice. One thing’s for sure, he’s still kept his physique and boyish looks from his early days.

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