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Fat Chad's x Good Beer Project
Photograph: Courtesy Fat Chad's / Nicholas Wong

Fat Chad’s and Good Beer Project collaborate to support local charity

A sandwich and IPA combo that comes with an opportunity to give back this December

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Time Out Hong Kong

It's the season of giving and Sai Ying Pun sandwich shop Fat Chad’s is partnering with Good Beer Project, a local company that dedicates its beers to charity, to do just that. This holiday season the two brands have joined hands to donate proceeds to Feeding Hong Kong, a food bank that works to collect surplus food on its way to the landfill and redistribute it through a local charity and community programmes. The grab-and-go sandwich shop, located on Second Street is almost like a New York City bodega, if bodegas had a first-rate Hong Kong craft beer selection, and will be adding The Char Siu Egg Roll ($110) to its menu for the month of December. Feeding Hong Kong will receive 10% of the profits every time a guest orders the sandwich as a combo ($140) with The Good Beer Project’s Char Siu Man Lemon Ice Tea IPA.

Good Beer Project’s Captain Wonder beer

The Good Beer Project is the brainchild of The Bottle Shop, a Sai Kung liquor store that’s dear to our hearts. Not only does its seaside location make for one of our favourite beer bars, but the well-stocked store also runs what we consider to be the all-round best alcohol delivery service in town. Good Beer Project aims to start a #DrinkForGood movement with their two hero-inspired beers: Captain Wonder is a dry, delicate, low-carb lager whose name is meant to evoke hope for the future, while Char Siu Man is a tea-infused IPA whose name will endear him to any Hong Kong-born drinker.

The Char Siu Man, which you’ll find as a combo at Fat Chad’s this month, is described by its creators as balanced, a perfect marriage between the flavours of tea and citrus-based hops, mirroring the balance that its eponymous hero tries to strike between those with excess and those who are in need. A total of 30 percent from the profits of each beer go to charity; those from Captain Wonder go to a children’s charity and those from Char Siu Man go to Feeding Hong Kong.

The beers are also available at The Bottle Shop and a number of bars, restaurants, and shops, including Beer Pro, The Kappening, Momemtai, Taps & Bites, Bound by Hillywood, HK WakeFit, HK WakeSchool, HK Brewcraft, The Globe, HK Whistle, Hooked, and Winerack.

Good Beer Project’s Char Siu Man beer

The big question is: does a lemon tea IPA actually pair well with char siu? According to conventional wisdom, absolutely. The bitterness of an IPA and the bite of citrus-based hops strikes a nice contrast to the rich roast meat and sweet glaze, while the astringency of tea helps Char Siu Man stand up to the intense flavour of the roasted meat. But to be sure, you’ll just have to try it yourself!

NGOs, especially food banks, have taken a battering this year as the outbreak dries up donations and increases the need for charity services. Make your money go further by spending at places like Fat Chad’s and give back while you eat. You can also donate directly to Feeding Hong Kong, who turns every $5 donation into a meal for a vulnerable person. Kate Lowe

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