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Photograph: Courtesy McDonald's

McDonald’s releases a limited strawberry ice cream series

These frozen treats will leave you tickled pink

Cherry Chan
Written by
Cherry Chan

McDonald’s has already taken the city by storm with the recent return of their summer-exclusive D24 durian McFlurry. If you couldn’t get enough of their fruity frozen treats, don’t sweat it: the fast food chain is keeping the ball rolling with their latest release of strawberry-flavoured ice cream.

Customers can enjoy hefty portions of strawberry ice cream cones, or a swirled pairing of this exclusive flavour against McDonald’s original vanilla ice cream. But if you’re really looking to spoil yourself, McDonald’s is also releasing a sundae variation, which will be generously topped with fudge sauce and a whole Kit Kat bar. Still not satisfied? Take a bite out of the new Kit Kat puff pastry choco pie for some chocolate indulgence. Find these exclusive treats in all McDonald’s locations across Hong Kong before they run out!

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