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What’s your favourite Korean place in London?

What’s your favourite Korean place in London?

More than a quarter of London’s Korean-born population live in and around New Malden, in the city’s south-western suburbs. But you can find Korean culture and food right across the capital, partly as a result of a huge rise in the number of Korean tourists visiting our city in recent years. Now, as part of our series investigating different cultures in London, we want to know where to get a little bit of Seoul.

So tell us: what’s your favourite Korean place in London? From grocery shops to barbecue restaurants, cultural venues to churches and temples, let us know where you head to experience Korean culture in the capital. We’ll use the best tips in an upcoming issue of Time Out London magazine.

Get some inspiration from our list of London’s best Korean restaurants.




When it comes to food I always trek to New Malden. The main restaurants I go to are Haru, Yami, Palace and Seoul which was formerly known as Jee Cee Neh.  Buying groceries - I go to the various Seoul Plaza branches, the smaller supermarkets but also the bigger stores like Hmart and Korea Foods.  

Hmart is where I sometimes go to buy beauty products and CDs, even at the mini store in Tottenham Court Road.  Korea Foods and Hmart give you a lot of choice in what to buy in terms of food, kitchenware and china.  I also enjoy the cafes The Place and Bingsoo.  The latter is very trendy and nicely decorated.  Do try the Korean desserts.

Duri used to be my go to place when I was working in Ealing and as well as buying groceries, you could sit and have a quick bite there -namely for Bibimbap or heating up dumplings.  

Seoul Bakery in Tottenham Court Road has changed a lot over the years and moved locations but it is a cosy place when you manage to get a seat to sit and admire the messages on the walls and the Hallyu displays.  In Golders Green, there are two Seoul Plazas to shop at but there are also some Korean restaurants close by.  

I've also visited On The Bab in Marylebone (which is more ideal for takeaway because of the cafe size) and in Shoreditch which can get busy really quickly.  


In New Malden, there is 'haru' which is so homely and affordable, and a few doors down is a cafe called 'the place' - it's a very korean-style cafe, with usual (but quality) cafe fare, as well things like bingsu and cakes in asian flavours. This cafe actually feels more upmarket than New Malden actually is.

I have also heard good things about 'jingogae', another restaurant in New Malden.

In New Malden there are two huge supermarkets; the well known 'H-mart' which sells a small selection of music and cosmetics, as well as aisle after aisle of food (seriously, it's huge), and also 'Korea Foods', though their packaging is not as non-korean friendly as hmart, incase you need to check for allergies.

I always enjoy New Malden korean food places more than Central London to be honest. It's relaxing and not rushed, and the prices are markedly lower!

Marialena S

Non Korean who just loves Korean food:
Seoul Bakery in Great Russel Str, Little Korea in Chinatown,  Naru in Shaftesbury Avenue, Arirang in Poland street,  On the bab in covent garden, Bibimbap in soho,  Yori in panton street, Lime orange in vauxhall bridge road.
These are some of the restaurants I have tried and liked. None of these are very expensive and there are so so tasty.

Zoe K

Yami in New Malden I do a 2 hour round trip there once a month!

Nemui N

Assa in Soho is the best, so delicious and yet not expensive at all. Always lots of Koreans in there too, a sign they're doing it right.

Noushin F

My TOP 5 choices for Korean Food in London

For a quick cheap bite to eat and a dose of K-pop: Seoul Bakery 

For more of a mid-range sit down authentic meal: Assa.

BBQ and somewhere where you can impress: KOBA.

Then if you want takeout; Duri in Ealing Common. 

Finally, dessert has to be at Shibuya

Jenny L

Han Kang - Fitzrovia! We tried Spicy Grill in Golders Green, but the taste was a little off... 

Scott Staff Writer

Yori in Piccadilly, best Bulgogi ever!

Jason L

Golders Green is basically little New Malden, there are some great restaurants such as Spicy Grill, Sarang and Damoa, and some brilliant supermarkets such as Seoul Plaza!

Ellie P

For an English person that loves Korean food, culture and music Seoul bakery is so cute and welcoming to all customers and you leave feeling the breath of Korea and I love it a lot

Tice C

BAO Soho
Yum Bun Kiosk at Dinerama in Great Eastern Street

On the Bab Covent Garden

Biwon Korean Restaurant - London Coptic Street


H Mart Mini on Tottenham court road 

Centre Point Food Store on New Oxford Street


Dotori in Finsbury Park! :) 

Vidana A




On the Bab.


Gaza Café.

All the New Malden area. 

Andy H

Golders Green is a great hub for Korean and Japanese restaurants and shops in London. Outside of London you also have New Malden. For restaurants there are a good range of choices. My favourites for proper Korean fried chicken is Wing Wing. For some nice food try out Spicy Grill in Golders Green. If you want to try somewhere with a wide range of choice then Kimchee is great for this!

Steve B

Yijo in Finchley Central. Best bulgogi in London by a mile. Huge servings too!

Charly S

Jin Go Gae in Raynes Park - their lunch menu is incredible value.