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London's best cupcakes

The cupcake is back and more tempting than ever. Start the countdown on London's ten best cupcakes whipped up in masterful bakeries, cafés and shops around town

© Rob Greig

The combination of sweet icing and fluffy sponge in an irresistibly cute package means cupcakes are our tea-time treat of choice. Delve into our delectable countdown of London's ten best cupcakes found in shops, bakeries and cafés going one step beyond the rest.

London's best cupcakes


Persian Love Cake at Lily Vanilli

Venue says: “Friendly Sunday cafe with delicious coffee, cakes and pastries. We also offer a fully bespoke cake, canape and wedding cake service.”


In the ultra-competitive world of cupcake-making, you need to keep upping your game, and that’s exactly what bakery goddess Lily Vanilli has done. Her Persian Love Cakes are the perfect consistency: not too heavy, not too light – and they come with micro-nuggets of pecan. As for the towering rose, balanced precariously on top… before you dismiss it as style over substance, know this: it holds your destiny. That’s right, there’s a teeny-tiny fortune cookie note tucked inside. How cute is that?

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Bethnal Green

Carrot cake at 108 Pantry


At this boutique hotel in Marylebone you’ll find one of the best carrot cakes in London. Topped with a dollop of tart cream-cheese icing, it has the sort of homemade quality that would make Mary Berry proud. It’s served with a slice of carrot to remind you that it’s okay, there’s some of nature’s goodness in there too.

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The Ambassador at Ms Cupcake


Intolerant, vegan or just plain fussy, you’ll be fine here. This Brixton indie cake shop has all the bases covered with its dairy-free range. The Ambassador is a kick-ass chocolate sponge covered in nuts, like a Ferrero Rocher on steroids.

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Salted Caramel Cupcake at Hummingbird Bakery


Billed as ‘authentic American cakes’, Hummingbird’s offerings are big on what our Stateside pals call ‘frosting’ but thankfully what’s beneath is just as good too. The salted caramel has enough sweetness to get you through a dull Monday morning meeting.

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South Kensington

Coconut at Violet Cakes


Think back to a time before freakshakes, bacon jam and ‘Man vs Food’. Claire Ptak may be Californian but she’s acing old-school English baking; fluffy, crumbly cake comes balanced with just the right amount of silky, snow-white coconut buttercream. Generous sprinklings of desiccated coconut add bite to this WI-standard indulgence, which would go dreamily with a strong brew. A worthy gold-star-winner at the village fete bake-off, this is simple baking at its best. 

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Jaffa Cake at Primrose Bakery


Points to Primrose Bakery for imagination – they’ve basically recreated the humble Jaffa Cake in cupcake form. Glossy, gloopy chocolate frosting is cut through by a light lemony sponge and an orange jam layer, near identical to the McVitie recipe. Get your hands on this bad boy when you want a nostalgia hit – without the dizzying sugar high.  

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Primrose Hill

Banana & chocolate cupcake at Crumbs & Doilies


This cupcake is completely amazing IF you eat it the right way. Which is to start at the bottom, then – slowly – work your way up. This means you'll fully appreciate the subtle banana flavour of the moist, not-too-sweet cake, before one of the chocolate chips melts in your mouth and you finally reach the creamy chocolate icing. You can also get it in a mini version (£1.45), which is so adorable we could cry.

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Red Velvet at Fairy Pan Bakery

£1 each, £16 for 25

After baking her first cake aged six, Silvia Stocchino (aka FairyPan) now magics up these bitesize beauties in her Homerton kitchen. Teensy enough to pop in your mouth but too good to gulp in one go, the moist red velvet bottom comes topped with a delicate blob of cream cheese frosting and a dusting of sugar pralines. Sod the restraint, have five – they’re too cute not to.

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Brick Lane

Posh Peanut Butter Cup at Flavourtown Bakery


Purists, look away now – there’s as much frosting on this as there is cake. Grotesque as that may be, we love it. Just one word of warning: don’t tackle this on your own – go halves with a sweet-toothed companion. PB mousse buttercream quivers like a giant blancmange when it’s cut open and a smooth Skippy core oozes from the choc-chip studded cake. The whole damn thing is dipped in chocolate, before being sprayed gold. Bonkers, but brilliant.

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North Acton

Banoffee at Peggy Porschen Cakes


Peggy’s banana bread-banoffee mashup made us lose our shit. In a good way. This celeb baker spares no expense on ingredients; dense sponge is flecked with black (proof there’s a fair bit of real banana in there), frosting is oh-so-velvety and chewy dark-choc chips grab you when you least expect them. Eat with caution: the perfectly sweetened toffee centre will get everywhere. But for a cupcake as wondrous as this, it’s worth getting your trousers dry-cleaned. 

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By: Ashleigh Arnott