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21 best ways to make friends in LA as an adult

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Remember when life used to be so simple, and our friends were chosen for us? That's right, we're talking birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese's, then middle school homeroom and before you knew it, orientation week in college—all uniquely scarring experiences, but at least we were all in them together. Now you're in the Wild West of adulthood, and you have to make your own decisions. We're not talking romance here (although if that happens too, cool) we're talking, real, true, platonic friendship. No one's setting up playdates for you anymore, but never fear—we've got some ideas to keep you from being #ForeverAlone.

1. Hang out at the dog park 

It's a little less creepy if you have a dog. We recommend adopting one from Best Friends Animal Society.

2. Hit the gym(s)

No better time to make friends then when you're both sweaty and heaving. If you try out enough spots with a ClassPass, chances are you'll start seeing familiar faces.

3. Start swiping on Tinder

You know those people on Tinder who write "Just looking for friends," and you think "Yeah, OK, sure you are." Maybe they're serious, and maybe that person could, and should, be you.

4. Join a sports league

You don't have to be a serious athlete. Organizations like the Eagle Rock Yacht Club include sports, drinks after the game and volunteer opportunities to boot.

5. Volunteering

Speaking of which, there are people out there who would love it if you would stop sulking about being lonely and help them out. We have a few recommendations here.

6. Join a book club

Do it for the learning and books—but actually just do it for the wine and company. Check out this list provided by the LA Public Library.

7. Take an art class

Check out classes at the Brentwood Art Center. If you're really terrible, tell them you specialize in abstract. 

8. Take an improv class

UCB, Groundlings—you have options! If there's one thing all improvers have in common, it's that they're starved for attention.

9. DM someone on Instagram

Not as weird as it sounds (as long as you're not weird about it)! If you like what someone's putting out there, let 'em know.

10. Two words: Sunday Funday

While the old, non-adult you would have just gotten wasted and cozied up to the nearest warm body, present, adult you can just get slightly tipsy while it's still light out and tell someone how much you "lahhv their outfit."

11. Go to a therapist

Kidding (sort of)! Finding a nice therapist will at least give you someone to talk to.

12. Take a dance class

Take a class at 3rd Street Dance. Much like joining a gym, or playing a sport, a dance class will probably introduce you to cool people, and get you a hot bod—win, win. 

13. Get to know a nice real estate agent

Much like your therapist, your real estate agent is contractually obligated to smile at you, and might also come in handy down the road.

14. Go to a networking event

Not the most genuine way to meet people (who are probably just using you to get ahead), but we'll leave it to you to navigate the grey area. You can find mixers all over the city here.

15. Take a music lesson

Get some of your pent-up loneliness aggression out by pounding drums at Motherland Music, afterward you might finally be in the mood to talk with that stranger next to you.

16. Take advantage of your other friends

Once you make one friend, keep saying "yes" to things and get to know their pals. Before you know it you'll be the one making introductions.

17. Study a foreign language

You're both literally learning to speak, so this is as close to one of those play dates you had as a baby as you're going to get.

18. Join a trivia team

Do you know a shit ton about something random? Every team needs that guy who knows the lineup from every Dodgers team since 1971 (specifically my team, so if this sounds like you, please get in touch). 

19. Learn how to bake

My mom, Sue, has so many adult friends because Sue bakes amazing cookies and gives them away. Shout-out to Sue.

20. Sing in a choir

The great thing about a choir is that you can be pretty mediocre, and still be covered up by the other billion voices in the group.

21. Join a country club

Some day when we all make a million dollars from our third divorce settlement, let's all just join a country club and everything will be OK. Until then, soldier on!