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The best playgrounds in Melbourne

We regressed back to childhood to review Melbourne’s best playgrounds

Photograph: Pixabay

Oh, adventure playground, you were awesome (ignoring skinned knees, a few broken bones and a chipped tooth). Thankfully, OHS standards have improved somewhat since we swapped Cherry Bar for the monkey bar, but it doesn't mean that it's still not great fun to get outdoors and revisit being five. Or you could, you know, take the kids.

Once you're done, refuel at one of Melbourne's best kid-friendly cafés or family-friendly pubs.

Melbourne's best playgrounds


Caulfield Park

Caulfield Park has the biggest slide in the world. It goes all the way down a hill. If you're not brave enough to go on it, there's lots of other slides close by. After going on the slide you can make music with barrels and other toys. Our favourite bit apart from the slide is the rope climbing frame which is almost as big as a real pyramid.

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Caulfield North

Hays Paddock

Not far from Kew Cottages, Hays Paddock’s got a rep for having the best playground going round with super-size swings, huge butterflies, toadstools and a giant see-saw. There’s a wetlands area with a bird hide and a learner’s bike circuit.

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Kew East

The Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden

This is a fantastic place to go if you live in the 'burbs to instil in your child a love of plants and teach them how to respect the environment. They can get their hands dirty gardening or splash around in the water feature. Different activities are held weekly.

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Packer Park

This park is filled with frogs, lizards and snakes. It has a really big playground. It's so big that you can get lost in all the ramps and bridges. There's a huge frog to climb up on, and when you go across the snake it makes music. There's even ponds close by with real frogs in them. There's so much stuff to see, you could easily stay here for days and days.

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Ray Bastin Reserve

We all want to be astronauts when we grow up. Playing at Ray Bastin Reserve is just like being an astronaut, with a rocket-ship that has slides, just like a real rocket-ship. The windy slide is the best, even though it's scary the first few times you go down it. This playground is so high, when you go to the top it feels like you're really in space.

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Narre Warren

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