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The best running clubs in Melbourne

Don't suffer the loneliness of the long-distance runner. Group up to feel spurred on and introduce a social aspect into what can be a solitary sport

For some of us, pumping all the techno, hip hop or power ballads our playlist can handle is never enough to get us enthusiastic about running. If you want to become a jogger, yet can't imagine going it alone, then you need to join one of Melbourne's many running clubs. They're more popular than you'd think, and always eager to take on newbies. 

Once you've completed that half-marathon (or 5km track) you never thought you would, treat yourself to one of Melbourne's best massages or dip into a relaxing spa.

Running clubs in Melbourne


Albert Parkrun

This entirely volunteer-based weekly running group makes excellent use of technology. Runners are required to sign up online prior to their runs, and print their own specific barcode, which they are to bring with them to every run. Barcodes are scanned at the beginning and end of your run, and results are emailed directly to you each time you run. How cool is that?! (There is an average of 63.4 runners per week, FYI.)

When: Saturday mornings

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Melbourne Midday Milers

This next club may be considered disturbing to some of our readers. Disturbingly awesome. The dedicated members of this group meet at 12.30pm every day on the lunch break of their city jobs for group training, ranging from marathons, sprints, steps and scenic park runs. For a yearly fee of $20, city workers really can’t go wrong with this group.

When: Weekdays

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Melbourne Running Meetup

Boasting an impressive membership population of 2,199, Melbourne Running Meetup is one of the most popular running clubs around. Will you be 2,200? Organisation is the key to this club’s success, with runs scheduled often up to a month in advance in a variety of central Melbourne locations. The bonus of running with a group of this size? Very difficult to get lost. (We said difficult, not impossible.)

When: Wednesday evenings; Sunday mornings

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Gunn Runners

Another great social running club, The Gunn Runners meet weekly at the Limerick Arms, 364 Clarendon Street, every Tuesday evening at 6.15pm before a timed run around Albert Park Lake. But don’t let that put you off – there’s no pressure to be quick, this is just for personal motivation (and possibly bragging rights). Stick around after the run for a great meal and great company.

When: Tuesday evenings

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Love the Run

With their impressively efficient organisation, in-group coaching, an offer of (paid) personal training, as well as their own ‘Love the Run’ T-shirts, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this club is strictly for the elitist die-hard running addicts. You would, however, be wrong. This all-welcoming club caters to those who run as a way of life as well as those just starting out. Casual sessions are $10 each.

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.30pm

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Victorian Road Runners

The Victorian Road Runners is the perfect running club for families. This all-inclusive group welcomes runners of all ages, and offers single, family or junior (under 18s) membership for a yearly fee of $40 for adults and $20 for juniors, which includes refreshments after runs. Non-members welcome. Regular runs are held on the first Saturday of each month at The Tan Track in the Botanic Garden from 7.30am. Other races are scheduled on various Sundays and Mondays throughout the year.

When: First Saturday of the month

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Melbourne New Moon Hash House Harriers

Something tells us this group is going to be a favourite among the Time Out readers (as well as all of us here in the office). There are two reasons why this club rules. Number one: Unlike other clubs, which opt for early morning runs, this monthly club starts at 2pm (the time of the new moon, just in case you were had mistaken this for a Twilight fan group). Number two: this self-described “drinking group with a running problem” starts and ends at a pub. That’s right. There’s a $5 cover charge which gets you bag storage so you can change out of your sweaty gear. Perfect.

When: One Saturday a month

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