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Milkshake at Daisy's Milk Bar
Photograph: Anna Kucera

The best milkshakes in Sydney

Get your hands on a delicious, foamy shake to beat the heat

By Time Out editors

Do you like your shake thin and frothy so you can slam it down at warp speed before the last bubble bursts? Or if you can't stand a spoon up in it is it not really a thickshake by your standards? No matter which way you take your sweet dairy treats, Sydney has a shake for every occasion, because the calcium points outweights the ice cream, right?

Prefer caffeine? Here's where to get the best beans roasted here in Sydney. Or you can get your coffee to go with these ace cafés in the CBD.

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Gelato at Cow and Moon Enmore
Photograph: Cassandra Hannagan

Cow and the Moon Gelato Bar

Restaurants Enmore

The queues show no signs of abating for the excellent gelato at this Enmore shop, but if you prefer to be able to suck yours through a straw rather than hold it in a cone, why not get your ice cream of choice whizzed into a gelato shake. It's a very good call, especially if you're the kind of renegade who thinks salted caramel and chococlate would do better work together in the one cup than they ever did alone.

An Iced Vovo flavoured milkshake in a glass
Photograph: ELT

Daisy's Milk Bar

Restaurants Petersham

This may well be the cutest little café and milk bar ever, and in addition to all the classic flavours (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel, lime, banana and malt) they also do a fancier shakes made with house-made fudge, caramel sauce, or in the case of the Iced Vovo shake, a strawberry coulis with strawberry ice cream from Serendipity down the road and a sprinkle of coconut to get the texture spot on. 

Four milkshakes in glasses
Photograph: Supplied


Restaurants Cafés Enmore

Forget your freak shake wearing candy garnishes like a high GI Carmen Miranda headdress, the milkshakes at Saga are an entirely different breed of dairy treat. The secret is that their caramel milkshake doesn't actually contain milk. Instead it's a thickshake made with salted caramel icecream, salted caramel Anglaise and a nip of bourbon. 

A white milkshake in a tall glass topped with whipped cream and
Photograph: Katje Ford

The Nook

Bars Manly

Some shakes get a little carried away with the extravagant flavours and decorations, but if you're a fan of the classics you should head to this diner/bar where they're whizzing up a very good classic malted vanilla shake, complete with a ball of icecream bobbing about like an iceberg and a whipped cream hat. Bonus points for the sustainable metal straws.

Person holding a milkshake at Matinee Coffee
Photograph: Anna Kucera


Restaurants Cafés Marrickville

Whether it's because daisy and you don't get along, or because you don't eat animal products more generally, milkshakes might long have fallen off your hit list. But did you know that this theatrical café in Marrickville makes a vegan shake, so you can down a cold frosty glass of frothy chocolate, salted caramel or strawberry and still remain deliciously dairy-free.

Milkshake and food Excelsior Jones
Photograph: Daniel Boud

Excelsior Jones

Restaurants Ashfield

If you're all about the weird and wacky when it comes to flavoured dairy, the lime and coconut milkshake is for you. But if you prefer a little Happy Days-style nostalgia, go for the malted vanilla shake. They also do their shakes in kids' sizes, which is actually perfect if you're eating and don't want to fill up on dairy.

Milkshake at The Pig and Pastry Petersham
Photograph: Kiera Chevell

The Pig and Pastry

Restaurants Petersham

 The blue-and-white tiled Pig and Pastry sits on a sunny corner across the road from Petersham Park. They make good coffee, but you really shouldn’t leave without a spiced gingerbread shake. If you are almost at capacity, order a kids’ size one. It comes in a colourful milk bottle and the foamy top is dusted in gingerbread crumbs.

Milkshake at Chur Burger
Photograph: Anna Kucera

Chur Burger

Restaurants Surry Hills

This new back-alley burger joint also makes the king of vanilla shakes. Absolutely heaped with black vanilla bean speckles from Tongan vanilla producers Heilala, this sweet and fragrant shake is a serious dose of dairy goodness.

Cake at Milk Bar by Cafe Ish
Photograph: Daniel Boud

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

Restaurants Redfern

The Milk Bar by Café Ish have gone all out with some spectacular milkshake combos. The PBJ shake tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, minus the bread – a great option if you are in the market for a liquid lunch. For the traditionalists, the straight-up super choc has Lindt sauce and Milo for a maximum choc hit.

Milkshake at Kingswood Coffee
Photograph: Anna Kucera

Kingswood Coffee

Restaurants Sydney

Toasty shots of Sensory Lab coffee are not the only tasty thing to come out of this tiny café in World Square. They also do iced coffees, iced chocolates and milkshakes for when it's hot outside and only a tall glass of cold, sweet dairy will do.

Need more sweet, icy goodness?

Woman holding gelato at RivaReno
Woman holding gelato at RivaReno
Photograph: Anna Kucera

The best gelato in Sydney

Restaurants Ice cream and gelato

Ice cream: there are a thousand places to get it – from the gummy, overly saccharine stuff, to smooth, silky excellence. Rest assured, though, that these are all in the latter category.


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