The 100 best dishes in London

See our selection of the finest food served at London restaurants and market stalls



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Here it is, a countdown of the capital's most coveted plates. No more need to agonise over the menu; dive straight in as we reveal dishes to die for at London's best restaurants and street food markets stalls. The 100 best dishes 2014 picks out sophisticated signature dishes, indulgent desserts and sweet treats, finger-licking street food and restorative breakfasts. Our list also caters to the voracious appetites of meat eaters, seafood lovers and vegetarians alike, as well as celebrating 2014 food trends – from barbecue dishes to small plates and one-bowl wonders – and keeping it traditional with the best of British.

How we did it...

The top ten
Nowhere is better for eating out than London, so choosing the ten best dishes of the moment was pretty tough. But there was method to our madness. First, we wanted to reflect culinary trends – from Peruvian to Persian, fermentation to smoking, hot dogs to salt beef. Next, we wanted ‘fresh’ – either brand new creations or ‘new to list’ (that is, the top 100 list). And finally, we wanted dishes you could actually afford; they’re either meals in themselves, or small plates you can get away with ordering on their own (well, with a drink), so you don’t find yourself tied into a tasting menu that'll have you donning your marigolds at the end of the night.

The rest
As for the remaining 90, these are a mix of 'timeless classics', 'new to list' (but at an existing restaurant), or 'fresh as a daisy'. Eat, be merry, and eat some more. Then tick them off your list!

Reviews by Tania Ballantine, Guy Dimond, Anne Faber, Euan Ferguson and Charmaine Mok

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