75 things to do in the summer

From a day at the beach to a night at a street festival, plan ahead with these things to do in the summer in Los Angeles



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Detox with juices and smoothies

You've stuffed yourself at LA's finest restaurants and tippled at the city's best watering holes and now it's time for a detox. Ditch the fat (and solid food) and chew on this—juices are sprouting up faster than you can turn that kale into liquid green. From seaside smoothies in Malibu to raw juices in Hollywood, check out the best juice bars in LA.


Go to a Dodger game and find cheap eats afterwards

There's no dearth of cheap eats in LA, especially on the Eastside. So if you're looking for somewhere to host a celebratory meal—or drown your sorrows—after a Dodgers game, check out our list of the twelve best budget places to eat and drink near Dodger Stadium, from dive bars and taco trucks to al fresco dining and fancy brews. No matter your budget or your palate, we've got the spot for you.... Unless you're rooting for the opposite team, in which case our advice is to get out of the 'hood as fast as you can.


Get to know the Downtown Arts District

It may seem like a no man's land at first glance, but the Downtown Arts District is a whole 'nother beast when you take a closer look. Equal parts warehouse wasteland and burgeoning hub for LA's young, professional and creative, the enigmatic Downtown Arts District is the city's neighborhood to watch.


Stop and smell the roses (and trees)

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The gorgeous grounds of the LA County Arboretum in Arcadia, very close to the Santa Anita racetrack, have been designed as an educational facility (the plants are mostly arranged by region, and tours are available), but many people simply come here for a little peace and quiet. You could wander the LA Arboretum and Gardens for hours; many do, taking in tropical forests and waterfalls, trees and fish.


Take a day trip to Catalina

If you're looking for weekend getaways out of LA, Santa Catalina Island is a close and beautiful bet. The little strip of land—accessable by ferries from Long Beach or San Pedro—has all the makings of a well rounded vacation: Rich history, beach town relaxation and outdoorsy adventure. It's only 22 miles from the mainland, but whether you stay for a day or the whole weekend, you'll be on island time in no time.


Set up an afternoon picnic at Watts Towers

When Italian-born tilesetter Simon Rodia moved to Watts, the neighborhood was ethnically mixed. Three decades later, when he left, it was predominantly black and Latino, widely seen as the heart of LA's African-American community. In the intervening years, though, Rodia had constructed its single iconic structure, an extraordinary piece of folk art that's one of only a handful of National Historic Landmarks in Los Angeles. Rodia started work on constructing what have become known as the Watts Towers shortly after purchasing a triangular lot in the area and moving on to the site in 1921. Using nothing but found objects (salvaged metal rods, cast-off pipe structures, broken bed frames)... (click to read more).


Eat roadside seafood during your next beach day

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Consistently good seafood (think fresh lobster, shrimp tacos, and New England clam chowder)—not to mention an unbeatable waterfront location—makes this iconic Malibu lunch and dinner spot, which first opened in 1956, a popular choice for families, beach bums, and regular old fried food lovers.


Visit the LA Zoo at night

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See the zoo in a whole new light at this special after-hours exploration series. Those 18 and up can roam the zoo on their own or learn from pop-up zookeeper talks and live animal encounters. Unleash your own inner animal at live shows from local indie bands plus a dance party at the carousel. Or head to the petting zoo for—what else—some stand-up comedy. Local food truck faves will be on hand, along with a full bar for getting zoo-boozy.

  1. 5333 Zoo Drive
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Take an architectural homes tour

Whether you’re interested in local history, celebrity digs or plain old house porn, we’ve got a spot for you. So get off the beaten museum track and check out these landmark architectural homes, all within a few mile radius and (mostly) open to the public.


Beat the heat and head underground

As an Angeleno you know all the city's best places to see and be seen—from the hottest restaurants and bars to pool parties and popular hiking trails—there's bound to be a few celebrity sightings as well. Though sometimes escaping the bustling cityscape (without really leaving LA) is just what you need. Here, your list of the best places to take cover—literally—and be underground in LA.

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