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Lost Larson
Photograph: Jessica Dawson Lost Larson

The 21 most amazing bakeries in Chicago

Satisfy your sweet tooth with sugary confections from the best bakeries in Chicago

By Morgan Olsen and Cate Huguelet

Like many cities where diverse cultures have long met and melded, Chicago has a bakery scene that’s sizeable and varied. The best bakeries in Chicago serve sugary confections from cultures close to home and far, far away. Whether you're looking for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie or a custardy egg tart that transports you to Portugal, sweet seekers can find some of the best desserts in Chicago in these humble storefronts. As an added bonus, some of the most beloved bakeries in Chicago double as the finest coffee shops Chicago has to offer, pouring piping-hot lattes and cappuccinos to accompany fresh-baked pastries, pies and cakes. Heck, we'd argue that these bakehouses are some of the best attractions in Chicago—but maybe that's the sugar talking. Give your sweet tooth what it wants at the 21 best bakeries in Chicago.

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The best of the city under one roof

Lost Larson
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

Lost Larson - Time Out Market Chicago

Restaurants West Loop

To really appreciate the wonders of this pastry case, we must tell you that chef-owner Bobby Schaffer mills his own flour and employs a tedious (but deeply worthwhile) fermentation process to craft cardamom-scented chocolate croissants, lingonberry-almond cakes and flaky cinnamon rolls. Backed by a résumé that includes a stint at the three-Michelin-starred Grace, Schaffer opened Lost Larson in Andersonville to reconnect with his heritage before being invited to join Time Out Market Chicago. The bakery pays homage to his grandfather's abandoned last name, Larson, which he lost when he immigrated to the U.S. and took his boss's surname.

Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

Sugar Cube - Time Out Market Chicago

Restaurants West Loop

Ready to get hit right in the sweet spot? Local industry vets Jason Chan (Juno, Butter, Urban Union) and Christine McCabe (Interurban Café, JoJo’s Milk Bar, Charlie Trotter’s) are cranking out a parade of classic, feel-good desserts that are packed with whimsical nostalgia. Sink your fork into a towering slice of layered confetti cake and let candy-colored, cloud-like meringues melt away in your mouth. While McCabe's creations have become Instagram darlings, one bite will convince you that they aren't just a feast for the eyes. At Sugar Cube, it’s always a good time for dessert.

The best bakeries in Chicago

Bang Bang Pie Shop
Photograph: Martha Williams

1. Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

Restaurants Bakeries Logan Square

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits poses some downright tough dilemmas: Pie or biscuits? Key lime or mint-chocolate? Candied bacon or braised greens? The good news is if you visit often enough, you'll be able to try it all. Come summer, diners might be able to grab a slice of lemon pie with tangy lemon cream, frothy lemon mousse and lip-smacking lemon curd. In the winter months, keep an eye out for more indulgent creations, like the chocolate-caramel pie with shortbread cookie crust. Key lime is available all year for good reason—it's an excellent example of what the little shop can do. Citrusy custard pools in a graham cracker crust before being topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. It's spectacularly simple yet inexplicably divine.

Photograph: Courtesy Fat Rice

2. The Bakery at Fat Rice

Restaurants Bakeries Logan Square

We already loved the creative Macanese-centric cooking happening at Fat Rice in Logan Square, but when partners Adrienne Lo and Abraham Conlon debuted their next-door bakery, we were positively giddy. The pastry case is filled with fascinating bites like rice krispie treats that are layered with pork floss, seaweed and fish sauce caramel, or the deeply indulgent ceylon snickerdoodle cookies, which hides a gooey salted yolk custard filling. Just promise you won't leave without trying a pastel de nata, or egg custard tart; the version here is brimming with love and excellent flavor.

Hendrickx Bakery located at 100 E Walton St.
Photograph: Hannah Bourne

3. Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter

Restaurants Bakeries Streeterville

What this scrappy retail operation lacks in size it makes up for in expertise. Belgian chef Renaud Hendrickx is the creative genius behind 13 buttery croissant varieties, fresh-AF pastel-toned macarons and a variety of cakes and breads that make us never want to give up carbs. Though the front room is teensy-tiny, guests are invited to poke their heads into the kitchen to see what Hendrickx is baking (he might even offer you a sample if you're nice).

Photograph: Courtesy Hewn

4. Hewn

Restaurants Bakeries Evanston

What with its range of Eurocentric items like petite, olive-stuffed brioches and super flaky kouign amann, no one could call the pastry program at Evanston’s Hewn an afterthought. It’s just that the bread here is so well crafted, it sort of takes the cake. Each day this snug, carry out-only bakery offers its signature country bread—a large, dark boule with a chewy crumb that’s mildly sour, thanks to a 17-hour fermentation—along with a couple of rotating choices from a menu that includes inventive loaves like caramelized onion rye and whole wheat Gruyere. 

Photograph: Martha Williams

5. Bake

Restaurants Bakeries Wicker Park

Few pastry chefs with the fine-dining pedigrees of husband and wife Jennifer and Eric Estrella would be caught turning out home-style cookies, cupcakes and pies. But who else could execute the classics so well? In a storefront that’s both kid-friendly and appropriate for adult-age lingerers, those pies are actually galettes made with butter-rich pastry, that cookie is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, and the chocolate-chip scone, with a welcome back note of orange, goes perfectly with a cup of piping-hot coffee.

Brown Sugar Bakery
Photo: Erica Gannett

6. Brown Sugar Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Greater Grand Crossing

Stephanie Hart turns out a number of “down-home delights” at her bakery, many of them smacking of the shop’s eponymous ingredient. Peach cobbler, pineapple upside-down cake and sweet-potato pie, as well as by-the-slice or whole cakes such as caramel, German chocolate and red velvet are just a sample of Hart’s cavity-producing creations. Celebrating? Custom cakes are Hart’s specialty, and she goes to great lengths to please with creative concoctions.

Photograph: Erica Gannett

7. Floriole Cafe & Bakery

Restaurants Cafés Lincoln Park

With an assortment of breads, tasty sandwiches and a popular weekly pizza night in its repertoire, this airy Lincoln Park bakery-cafe certainly has range. But Floriole’s soul is its French pastry, skillfully executed by owner Sandra Holl. Among our favorite offerings are the canelés, petite, fluted cakes with caramelized exteriors and custardy cores flavored with vanilla and rum. Another showstopper is the lovely gateau basque, a sweet, almond meal–rich cake filled with pastry cream and tart berries and baked till it's golden.

Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery
Photo: Erica Gannett

8. Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Lower West Side

Considering it claims some of world’s most complex and exciting flavors, Mexican cuisine—at least here in Chicago—can be a bit uninspiring in the baked goods department, often represented by bone-dry cookies and bland empanadas. Pilsen’s spare-yet-inviting Kristoffer’s dispenses with such ho-hum stuff, instead focusing most of its energy on a few iterations of just one item: tres leches cake. It’s a strategy that’s paid off; Rick Bayless has praised the house specialty, a light sponge cake bathed in sugary milk. Our favorite flavor, caramel, has a hint of salt that tempers the cake’s sweet side.

Chiu Quon Bakery
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

9. Chiu Quon Bakery Chinatown

Restaurants Bakeries Armour Square

Dim sum fans are accustomed to cart service and ordering cards, but the majority of the small dishes traditionally served originated in tea houses and bakeries in southern China. Chinese bakery Chi Quon has been making these delectable items for decades, attracting locals and visitors from around the city with dishes like fresh BBQ pork buns, sesame balls filled with bean paste and decorative mango mousse cake. Pop in for a snack or make a meal out of the various baked goods on display. 

Photograph: Courtesy Bittersweet Pastry Shop

10. Bittersweet Pastry Shop

Restaurants Cafés Lake View

We know it's just a name, but there's nothing bitter about this sweet Lakeview pastry shop. Though guests can browse and order tarts, pies and stuffed macarons from the glass case, Bittersweet is known for its signature and custom cakes, which can be ordered in fun flavors like strawberry-white chocolate, vanilla crème brûlée and lemon-raspberry. Save this pastry shop for a special occasion, and they're sure to delight your guests.

Dinkel's Bakery
Photograph: Brent Knepper

11. Dinkel’s Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Lake View

Baking in the Lakeview neighborhood since 1922, this popular German bakery reliably turns out cinnamon-raisin stollen, German chocolate and butter cookies and its signature “sip’n whisky cake,” a moist Bundt cake made with sour mash whiskey. The real draw, though, is the strudel, which comes in several varieties, such as praline-pecan, cherry-cheese and poppy seed.

12. Bridgeport Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Bridgeport

This no-nonsense Polish bakery gets a lot of love for its pączki, but the pastry case is packed with plenty of other candy-colored confections on a daily basis. Shop cakes and doughnuts, eclairs and cookies, bacon buns and whole loaves. A word to the wise: The shop often sells out before closing time (and no, they don't have a Twitter or Instagram account to check), so call ahead for special orders.

Sweet Mandy B's
Photograph: Angela Melendez Carpenter

13. Sweet Mandy B’s

Restaurants Bakeries Lincoln Park

They had us at hello, those dreamy, creamy cupcakes. (Us and every other Chicagoan with taste buds.) This sweet-as-can-be little bakeshop may have cornered the local market with its simple little chocolate and yellow cakes slathered in a colorful array of buttercreams, but there’s much more to salivate over here. We like the puddings (butterscotch, chocolate, banana with Nilla wafers), the crispy, big-as-your-head cookies, the seasonal fruit crisps, the whoopie pies. We haven’t found a dud here yet.

14. La Fournette

Restaurants Bakeries Old Town

Pierre Zimmerman (baking champion and instructor at the French Pastry School) has done an admirable job giving this long, narrow bakery a French sensibility. Rows of croissants, macarons, baguettes and other breads fill the shelves here, and they practically beg to be ordered and consumed on the spot with a cup of coffee. It’s hard to make a mistake with what you order. In fact, the worst mistake you can make is not ordering something—specifically, the lovely, pan bagnat–ish tuna sandwich.


15. Roeser’s Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Humboldt Park

One of Chicago’s oldest family-run businesses has operated out of the same storefront, distinguished today by its vertical neon sign and quaint painted lady facade, since its establishment in 1911. Today it’s a good all-arounder, with doughnuts and danish for breakfast, and a wide selection of cake slices and cookies (many in Chicago sports team motifs) for dessert.

Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

16. Toni Patisserie and Cafe

Restaurants Cafés Loop

This classy breakfast and lunch spot near the Art Institute has roots in suburban Hinsdale, but it may as well have been imported from Paris. The sprawling pastry case is full of all manner of European-style cakes, tarts and breakfast pastries. An almond Danish and cappuccino is a distinguished beginning to any day; a pan bagnat is an elegant middle.

Alliance Bakery
Photograph: Nick Freeman

17. Alliance Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Wicker Park

Alliance is perhaps best known for its elaborate cakes, which are proudly displayed in the window. But this bakery also traffics in coffee drinks and other pastries, like cookies, macarons and tarts, which are available to take away or to bring next door to a seating area. A crucial note about that seating area: If you're looking to do some work, you may want to rethink your location—a note on the door very clearly states that the place "isn't a library."

Delightful Pastries
Photograph: Cindy Kurman

18. Delightful Pastries

Restaurants Bakeries West Loop

Many of Delightful’s devotees swear by the Polish-inflected specialties, such as bismarck-like paczki and rum-soaked babka, which appear on its shelves each year in the lead-up to Easter. And to be sure, these items are winners, but there’s more to this shop than a few seasonal treats. Delightful’s French Market outpost (one of its three locations) is a great place to pick up baked goods that lean more lunch than dessert, like generous slices of lamb and spinach pie.

Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe
Photograph: Martha Williams

19. Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe

Restaurants Bakeries Armour Square

One of the Chicago’s finest Chinese bakeries offers up an impressive range of treats both savory and sweet from its Chinatown storefront. The cha siu bao—brioche-like baked buns filled with sticky barbecue pork—make a good option for an on-the-go lunch, and the oblong egg tarts have a fan following for their just-barely-set custard filling and crumbly shortbread crust. Between bites, sip on the Hong Kong–style milk tea, a creamy, sweetened black tea that’s refreshing over ice.  

Sfogliatelle at Scafuri Bakery
Photograph: Martha Williams

20. Scafuri Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Little Italy, UIC

More than a century after its establishment, this family-run Taylor Street bakeshop continues to turn out spot-on renditions of southern Italian classics, like mildly sweet, cinnamon-scented cannoli that are filled to order and dipped in your choice of chocolate or chopped pistachios. With selections that many Italian-American bakeries offer only at Christmastime—tender, fig-stuffed cuccidati and crisp, pine nut-encrusted pignoli, for instance—the cookie section also impresses. On the savory side, the thick-crusted Sicilian pizza (a steal at $4 for a gargantuan square) is uncomplicated, salty goodness.


21. Weber's Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Garfield Ridge

If you grew up in the Midwest, there’s a good chance your archetype of a bakery looks a lot like this Southwest Side institution. After all, the focus at this perpetually packed spot is on hearty, comforting fare that’s descended from German, Polish and Scandinavian roots, yet over time has evolved into its own regional character. Breakfast pastries are a particular strength here; the cheese sweet roll, with its silky filling and buttery streusel topping, is a worthy indulgence, while the cake doughnut, surprisingly light beneath an icing of chocolate ganache, is a customer favorite. 


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