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Photograph: @flying_romnic83

Underrated Instagrammers you should be following in Hong Kong

These talented photographers are the ones to watch
Written by
Jenny Leung

As much as we hate to admit it, Instagram is a huge part of our daily lives. Whilst it's mostly used for stalking people (it's ok, we do it too) or even cute cats and dogs, there are also other things you can do on this tiny app, like shopping from a selection of boutique shops and drooling over some Insta-famous bakeries. For us, we just spend most of our time in awe at all the amazing photographers out there, who make it look so effortlessly cool to capture our city from every angle. And we're not just talking about those with hundreds of thousands of followers! Here are some of our favourite Instagrammers in Hong Kong who we think also deserve a moment in the spotlight.

If you're a budding photographer looking to get some exposure, follow us on Instagram and tag us with your photos for a chance to be featured! 

Underrated Instagrammers in Hong Kong


Josh Lin takes the mundane and turns it into a captivating moment. Whether it's a badass butcher hard at work, a crowd of uncles gathering around an intense game of chess in the park, or a worker trying to enjoy his smoke break in peace, Josh's photos always tell a story. His photo captions always manage to get a chuckle out of us too. 


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According to his IG profile, Romain Nicoloso is "just a random guy playing with a drone everywhere", but one look at his photos and you'll know he's the real deal. From landscapes and skylines to building facades and the streets, Romain takes us on a trip around Hong Kong high among the clouds. Apart from drone photography, Romain also showcases his fecund imagination by mixing illustrations into his photographs, which you can check out on his other profile @romnic83.



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We all know that Hong Kong is a photographer's dream, but in case you need more proof, Kuen's photos will show you exactly why. The composition in his photos are genius and captures the beauty and uniqueness of our city and its people. Kuen's photos are exciting and possess a sci-fi aesthetic that looks as though they've been taken in a parallel universe.

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