The most haunted places in Hong Kong

From abandoned villages to creepy hospitals, Hong Kong is full of terrifying locations
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Hong Kong has tons of haunted locations – no wonder Hongkongers are a superstitious lot. From frightening abandoned locations to spots with spooky stories and murders attached to them, there’s no shortage of possible frights in the city if you know where to look. Don’t know where to begin? Well, let us help you. Just don’t say we didn't warn you...

The most haunted places in Hong Kong

10 haunted Hong Kong spots - Hong Kong Central Hospital

Hong Kong Central Hospital

Built in the 60s, 6,000 abortions used to be performed at this abandoned hospital every year. Since its closure in 2012, passers-by have felt an eerie presence and reported unsettling noises. A peek inside reveals corroding equipment and a general state of desolation that would give anyone goosebumps. 1B Lower Albert Rd, Central.

10 haunted Hong Kong spots - Dragon Lodge

Dragon Lodge

The abandoned mansion’s last resident claims to have seen the ghost of a young child with thick matted hair and wearing a white lace nightgown. This creepy abode was also the site of the execution of seven Catholic nuns during the Japanese occupation and neighbours regularly complain about peculiar sounds. 32 Lugard Rd, The Peak.

10 haunted Hong Kong spots - Bride's Pool

Bride’s Pool

At this seemingly serene waterfall, a group of pirates once murdered all of the neighbouring villagers and dumped their bodies in the water rather than burying them. Now, shui gui (water ghosts) reportedly haunt the area, waiting for a helpless child to fall in so they can possess its body. Waterfall Bay Park, Pok Fu Lam.

10 haunted Hong Kong spots - White House Compound

White House Compound

This ancient colonial building, once dubbed the Mount Davis Concentration Camp, was the site of drug-induced torture, interrogation and murders. Some say screams can be heard at night and headless figures can be seen through the windows. Intersection of Victoria Rd and Mount Davis Rd, Kennedy Town.

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10 haunted Hong Kong spots - Tat Tak School

Tat Tak School

This abandoned school was supposedly the site of a Japanese massacre during WWII and is reputedly the most haunted school in Hong Kong. The girls’ washroom houses the ghost of an old principal who committed suicide there and, clothed in a red dress, it shrieks at anyone who dares venture close. Nam Pak Rd, Yuen Long.

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10 haunted Hong Kong spots - Murray House

Murray House

During WWII, this historic building was used as an execution spot where over 4,000 Hong Kong citizens were tortured and murdered. Stories of ghosts disrupting the grounds became so troubling that the Hong Kong government ordered two exorcisms at the site in order to free the lost souls. Stanley Main St, Stanley.

10 haunted Hong Kong spots - Granville Road

Granville Road

In 1999, a 23-year-old woman in Tsim Sha Tsui was brutally tortured for a month before being killed. Police discovered her dismembered body strewn around her apartment and her severed head stuffed inside a Hello Kitty doll. There are reports that CCTV cameras show her ghost wandering the area around her old apartment. 31 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui.

10 haunted Hong Kong spots - Nam Koo Terrace

Nam Koo Terrace

This Grade I historical building located in Wan Chai was used as a military brothel during the war and women were often raped and murdered. In 2003, a group of middle school girls who attempted to stay overnight claim to have seen a ghost. One said she was possessed by it and another was in need of psychiatric treatment afterwards. 55 Ship St, Wan Chai.

10 haunted Hong Kong spots - SYP Community Centre

High Street Community Centre

During the occupation, Japanese soldiers (yes, them again) used this building to execute and torture thousands of defiant Hongkongers. Later, it was converted into a mental asylum but it has been abandoned since 1961. Rumour has it that screams still reverberate throughout its halls and a figure roams the building, bursting into flames when onlookers make eye contact. 2 High St, Sai Ying Pun.

10 haunted Hong Kong spots - So Lo Pun

So Lo Pun

Almost four hours’ hike from the nearest road, this village lies deserted. Legend has it, the whole community was off to a wedding when they were killed in a boating accident. If you visit, make sure to bring an old-fashioned map and take care. Compasses supposedly stop working within the village and a man died there of a heart attack after seeing thousands of ghosts. So Lo Pun, New Territories. 

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