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Photograph: Courtesy Skechers

'Meat' Hong Kong's most famous butcher!

A 36-year-old butcher in Tsuen Wan has Hong Kong’s housewives swooning

Cherry Chan
Written by Cherry Chan

We’ve all heard stories about celebrities being discovered in odd locations – at the mall, at weddings or on public transport. But did you ever expect a celebrity to be found working at your local wet market? Lau Sung-wai, or as he’s more commonly known, Wai Wai, was just your ordinary 36-year- old working as a butcher near Yeung Uk Road Market in Tsuen Wan. It wasn’t until one user in the ‘Tsuen Wan Locals’ Facebook group shared a selfie with him that caused the hearts of Hong Kong’s housewives (and the Internet’s) to be set ablaze! 

A selfie with Tsuen Wan's hottest butcher.
Photograph: 荃灣友/Facebook

With a head of blonde hair, toned and tattooed arms, and silver jewellery, Wai already stands out from other vendors in the market. But what caught the Internet’s attention were those striking deep-set eyes that are enough to leave many housewives weak in the knees. Netizens are torn between which celebrity Wai looks like, whether it’s Show Lo, Aaron Kwok, or even Hong Kong boy band Mirror’s Anson Kong (Wai’s even earned the nickname ‘Tsuen Wan pork butcher AK'). Gaining admirers who flock from all across Hong Kong just to purchase his pork and hopefully snap a picture with him, he’s become Hong Kong’s newest piece of eye-candy. He’s even got a dedicated Facebook page for his fans, aka ‘Wai Wai Pigs’, to share their heartfelt messages about the hunk and flaunt their selfies with him! 

Photograph: Courtesy Skechers

Working six days a week standing all day on slippery floors, the fatigue takes a toll on Wai – which is why Skechers sought out for the butcher to promote their range of work footwear, landing him his first commercial! While we typically associate butchers donning on massive rain boots to wade around the mess of the wet market floor, these sneakers are designed to be comfortable despite long standing hours due to their cushioned interior soles. They also have slip-resistant traction that allows one to walk around at ease. 

Skyrocketing into the public eye’s attention, Wai has been interviewed by numerous media outlets including popular TVB show Scoop. Despite his new found fame and being bombarded with fans, Wai still gets a little bashful when people ask him for selfies, but he’s happy to share his tips and tricks on how to prepare different dishes and soups made with pork. Now with social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, Wai plans to create and share future cooking content and keep fans updated with his daily life.

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