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Goods of Desire Hong Kong
Photograph: Courtesy Goods of Desire

Get your hands on these unique Hong Kong-themed knick-knacks

Bring a part of the city home with you!

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Time Out Hong Kong

Do you miss being able to go out and exploring the city? Us too. With the current social distancing regulations we have to follow, it's difficult to enjoy your downtime when you’re stuck indoors most of the time. There are so many things that we miss dearly, from the stunning harbour skyline to iconic street food stalls, our family weekend yum cha to the very scent of this city. So, to help make your time at home just that little bit more enjoyable – and to help aid your online shopping frenzy – we’ve put together some of the most unique Hong Kong-themed knick-knacks you should get your hands on. Happy shopping! By Jessica Luisa Chan

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Unique Hong Kong-themed knick knacks to get your hands on

Crispy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside, egg waffles or eggettes – best known to us locals as gai daan zai – are one of the most popular street food items in Hong Kong. So what better way to remind you of that tasty crunch than with this adorable egg waffle pouch ($798)? The site also stocks a true-to-size waffle cross-body bag ($998-$1,498). If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, there are also other accessories, stationery, and decorative items such as a trash can pencil sharpener, pineapple bun memo holder, and key holders that look like a rusty, old mailbox!

Whilst it can be hard to recreate the city’s notorious dim sum at home, BeCandle might just have the next best thing – a waxed dim sum candle for your house! The local artisan candle and fragrance brand offer a variety of candles in the form of different dim sum delights ($200/pack of two) to choose from such as har gau, cha siu bao, xiaolongbao, and our favourite, siu mai. All of the dim sum candles come in a classic bamboo steamer and are scented with various aromas such as lemon thyme, sandalwood, and green fig. And for those hoping for the candles to smell like the actual dim sum – or at least, something similar – the choi yuk dim sum candle is made to smell like coriander.


The Lion Rock Press is a go-to place for finding Hong Kong memorabilia, and this double-sided 1,000-piece jigsaw ($280) is just one of the many cute and quirky products they have. Once complete, one side of the puzzle is an illustrated collage showcasing the city’s traditional and modern dynamics, while the other is an abstract photo of a degrading temple wall in Tai O by Eurasian photographer John Alexander. Get cracking at this complex, cluster-filled puzzle – a perfect reflection of Hong Kong’s bustling city life.

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If you’re a sucker for scents, we’ve got the perfect city special for you from niche perfume brand Le Labo. With a collection of city exclusives, which are sold only in the specific city they were made for with no online sales and no exceptions, Le Labo has dedicated a fragrance to Hong Kong called Bigarade 18 ($2,575 /50ml). Inspired by the idea of Hong Kong as a ‘fragrant harbour’, where old and new can coexist, this fragrance exudes a sophisticated scent of white floral and citrus. Light, breezy, and refreshing, Bigarade 18 combines the notes of musk, bergamot, neroli, and wood to create the perfect addition to your perfume collection.


We're not really sure where to begin with G.O.D. Everything here pays tribute to Hong Kong's rich and fascinating cultural heritage, and they do it with style too. From 'prosperity' placemats and mahjong wine markers to Chinese opera slippers and their signature angry lucky cats, you're shopping cart will be packed full before you know it. Do give their artworks section a browse too, where you'll find various paintings, photographs, miniature sculptures, as well as prints by various local and international artists.

The iconic skyline of Hong Kong seen from Tsim Sha Tsui’s waterfront is a popular tourist spot and a symbol of the city’s core. But instead of just admiring the view from photos at home, add a unique spin to your bedroom and get your hands on The Line’s intricate Hong Kong skyline silhouette wall mount (starts at $268 with additional shipping charges). Stylish, subtle, and crafted from metal, the decoration (available in black or gold) allows you to bring a tiny part of the city to your home.


To add to your collection of dim sum accessories, check out these adorable dumpling shaped salt and pepper shakers (starts at $232 with additional shipping charges) that are hand-made and imported directly from the porcelain capital of China, Jingdezhen. Packed complete with their very own bamboo steamer as well, these dumpling salt and pepper shakers give an adorable nod to Chinese food and culture. Add these shakers to your kitchen or dining room table for a touch of flavour. Check out the rest of Pinyin Press’ site for other quirky pieces that embrace Hong Kong and Chinese culture.

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