London's best sushi restaurants

Love Japanese cuisine but worried about getting a raw deal? Try these great restaurants for the best sushi and sashimi in London

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Chopsticks at the ready: we’ve sashimi-d our way round the best sushi in the capital and rounded up the very finest. Whether you’re after the Michelin-star treatment, a healthy dinner or even a vegan option – if you’re dreaming of sushi you’ve come to the right place.

Video: We checked out Roka, one of London’s most popular sushi joints 

The best sushi restaurants in London


The sushi counter flanking this traditional Japanese restaurant in Mayfair takes its art seriously: expect platters of cut rolls tightly wrapped with nori or glistening slices of fish, beautifully presented with slivers of vegetables and dots of wasabi. Sushi connoisseurs are welcome to go off-menu here.

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Dinings SW3

Everything about this Chelsea follow-up to Dinings in Marylebone is an improvement: from the glitzy, capacious dining room to the quietly ambitious, head-turning menu. Signatures such as the ‘modern’ sushi have made the trip southwest, and their complex precision-tuned flavours are a real wow.

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It may be famed for its exclusive kobe beef, but this meticulously designed Japanese bolthole also gives good sushi from its bijou premises on Ham Yard in Soho. Expect pretty platters of hummingly fresh fish as part of the omakase menu. It’s all very serene ’n’ clean.

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Venue says: “Located in the heart of Mayfair, Ikeda is a traditional Japanese restaurant, serving up cuisine in an exclusive, fine-dining setting.”

It may be approaching its fourth decade, but old-school Ikeda, right near Bond Street tube, has still got it. An overriding commitment to quality and consistency has made it a rock-solid destination, while the sushi selection is light years ahead of your average conveyor-belt chain. A high-end, gimmick-free experience.

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Itadaki Zen

Japanese, vegan and organic? What’s not to love – and, rest assured, we do love this cool little miracle near King’s Cross station. The virtuously healthy menu offers its own spin on sushi, meticulously fashioned with various combinations of vegetables and seaweed on rice (where appropriate). Lunch specials are a draw, too, with the kakiage udon a highlight.

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St Pancras


Japanese temaki rolls are awesome – especially at Jugemu in Soho, where they’re made to order for punters sitting at the counter. Each little package is packed with super-fresh ingredients and handed over the instant it’s ready. Alternatively, bag a table for full platters of sushi and sashimi.  

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Nobu Matsuhisa’s Japanese fusion style redefined expectations when he launched the Nobu chain (remember his iconic black cod in miso), but the sushi at this Park Lane outpost (and at celeb-happy Berkeley Street) is also pretty special. The classics are excellent, the ‘new-style’ specials intriguing.

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As a stablemate of Zuma, Roka gets the gold seal of approval from sushi aficionados. Elegantly presented platters at this Fitzrovia outpost are one of the big hits at this izakaya-that-married-well – otherwise, splash out on fancy-pants wagyu sushi with caviar or perfectly fresh yellowtail sashimi with yuzu-truffle dressing. Branches in Aldwych, Canary Wharf and Mayfair.

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Venue says: “Feast on a bottomless brunch with a Japanese twist with all you can drink Champagne, house wine and Japanese bloody Marys.”

Sleek, modern interiors, exquisite crockery and double-ended chopsticks strike a swish, authentic note at this Mayfair Japanese – a tone that’s matched by Sakagura’s beautifully presented sushi platters, decorated with edible flowers and carved vegetables. Also check out the ‘ocean party’ sashimi for sharing.

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So Restaurant

Venue says: “So Restaurant in Soho is contemporary Japanese dining infused with unique European flavours.”

So’s sushi bar in Soho gets our vote over its smart dining room, largely because we’re hooked on its superbly fresh seafood. The must-try specials menu goes way beyond the usual suspects with its selection of nigiri, maki, chirashi and sashimi (including some meat-based items for distraction).

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Caroline L

London, London. Think about another countries! In Warsaw in Poland i found so tasty sushi bar Sakana (Moliera street) and there you can buy so tasty and delicious sushi. Sushi masters - you do it great! 

Sammy G

Stayed in last week was feeling the blues, so i ordered from this place youmesushi and wow the sushi was amazing. It melt in your mouth sushi and very good value too. Probably the best sushi in London that I've had in London.

Emily H

HOJA on Upper street in N1 London is one of the best I have tried with reasonable price.

Alexandra G

Reluctant to share this secret but, Zaibatsu in Greenwich. Gorgeous sushi, amazing presentation and Far Too Cheap. Oh, and it's BYOB too....

Peter M

Kulu Kulu in South Kensington is great, very nice soft shell crab rolls!

Emily K

Pop Art Sushi in Vauxhall!!! - little art gallery by day, sushi restaurant by night! They have beautiful dishes created in the style of artists (I recommend The Warhol's), and the rainbow uramaki is to DIE FOR!

Jo J

Gon Sushi in Uxbridge! In a little pub called The Load of Hay, but oh MY GOD, that sushi is good. Fresh, and just beautiful. I've never had anything like it. And it's so reasonable because just outside London.

pingus p

@Jo J  yes yes love it to death, the katsu curry is to die for (1 pount extra for double chicken)
only downside is that because its such a small establishment - it takes an hour for your food to be served.

yoshi n

Rather surprised to see no one has yet to mention Cafe Japan in Golders Green - high quality sushi (Edomae-style), reasonable price, good selection of Shochu - if you like proper sushi, Cafe Japan is worth a try. 


Nakama in Crouch end has the best sushi I've ever tried in London. The fish is super fresh and the chef is properly trained and skilled. It's got an excellent selection of hot dishes too and a great atmosphere!


I will probably regret writing it here but the best sushi I have had outside of Japan is Fuji Foods in Hornsey. It is take away only but it is amazing- proper melt in your mouth sushi.


No mention of dotori in Finsbury Park? Criminal. Best Prawn Tempura the world has ever seen.


I often go to the top Japanese eateries in London, but on this occasion I popped into what seemed a casual dine sushi shop in Marylebone and I must say that Youmesushi really stands out as the best, especially for sushi/sashimi, the portions are very generous and sashimi just melts in your mouth. The cooked dishes are also excellent. The best is there chicken katsu curry, absolutely brilliant full of flavour and just so yum.


the best Sushi i ever had is at Eat Sushi in Kensal Rise,north west London,the best Softshell crab roll and Takoyak i ever had so fresh and delicious...


Atari-ya used to be one of the great sushi gems of London. Great sushi for a reasonable price. But they decided to up their prices by 25% in a single go recently. Whilst the sushi is still very good, the value for money proposition completely changed when they upped their prices. Of course some year-on-year increase is to be expected, but 25% in one hit is a bit too much to swallow in one gulp.


YouMeSushi has to be the best out there, I have been a long time customer of theirs as they free deliver to my home. But now they just opened a store close to where I work in Tottenham court Rd and the sushi tastes soo good...They do this tuna roll thats got this sauce that comes with it and wow : )


I really like Wasabi's sushi - it is extremely affordable, fresh, chefs are Asian and it just tastes delicious... Now that they offer deliveries I can buy some more delicious sushi without having to leave the office... Try it and let me know ;)

Darrin Morrisby

Tsunami Japanese Restaurant won the SUSHI AWARDS 2012 so I guess they MUST be the best!!!! There is one in Charlotte Street in the Westend and one in Clapham which is South and trust me both are incredible!!!


I think that new open resturant " SushidesArtistes" is most interesting restaurant, it is so unique!! Sushi, Flying Salmon, hot food is great mixed Japan and french !! If you are Sushi Lover , you have to try !! I think this restaurant is going to change London Sushi World !!


Chisou restaurant in Mayfair has some of the freshest sushi I have had to date in London - I tried the catch of the day sushi and seaweed with dipping sauce. Both were excellent with hot sake ! Japan Centre has an amazing selection compared to most other sushi restaurants. For ex: beef tataki and beef nigiri, scallop and prawn sashimi, spinach salad with sesame dressing !


I cant believe that you haven't mentioned Cape Town Fish Market here - quite simply some of the best Sushi in London. The staff are wonderfully friendly and relaxed. Good prices. Central SPot right near Liberty. Never feels rushed. And the added benefit of fabulous South African wines too.

Nik Frengle

As I said before, Sushi HIro is definitely worth a try. My brother in law is a sushi chef in Japan, and I have had a lot of decent sushi in my life, and Sushi Hiro is the best, by far, that I have had in London. Fresh fish, perfectly prepared, you wouldn't find as good in most Tokyo neighbourhoods, and definitely not in my crappy Tochigi, landlocked, neighbourhood.


Please I am japanese and the only so far is Soseki, the fish is directly sourced from Cornwall an is to sushi standard, where as Japan Cnetre and your Atari-Ya, isn't and is a day late in freshness, so isn't sushi quality


No London sushi list is complete without the wonderful Chisou on Princes Street, between Oxford Circus and Hanover Square. The finest sushi and sashimi in W1, nice room, friendly service, and deeply glamorous clientele from Vogue House over the road...


Ever tried Tsunami? Great sushi!


Amberjack on Hoxton Square does delicious sushi. It's really fresh and so reasonable, the black rice maki and torched nigiri are my favourites. Also worth a try are the dan dan noodles. I succumbed to the Yo! Sushi 40% offer recently and regretted it almost immediately. Places like Amberjack are far superior and at a fraction of the price. Good beer there too.


I am a big fan of the little takeaway joint Sushi-So on Endell St in Covent Garden. Always delicious, fresh...and cheap! They also sell imported beer etc.


Atari-Ya - has lost its original qualities long ago

david whiteman

asolutely i agree.I visit atari-ya sushi know I tried their dragon roll with eel,something new fantastic.very creative.


I love sushi all my life.My japanese friend recommend me atariya at james street as it is his and his family's favourite sushi place.I Must say I went to japan several times and tried sushi at many places.And this littleplace is a one of the best.I honestly love the taste,freshness,and very affordable price even though its asmall place with few tables inside and outside definitely worth trying.also its a very busy place.I and my all friends agree,this is one of a very best,and high quality sushi place in should try their salmon vocado,beautifull rainbow roll,outstanding otoro with oshinko roll,seared otoro nigiri,scollop with shiso nigiri,treated seabass nigiri, ask sushi omakase will be amazed....No.1 and they definitely deserved to be.


Tried Atari-ya on the basis of these recommendations, and it was awful. The staff were rude and it is impossible to get seating. Plus, they put mayonnaise and hard, unripe avocado in the salmon avocado roll. The nigiri were mediocre. I really would not recommend it. I would recommend Sushi Hiro though.


you suckers paying so much for sushi, when the best is located at the japan centre!


Tajima-Tei on Leather Lane EC1 is worth a look. There are usually Japanese diners in there.


Hey all, none of their sushi/sashimi from the comments does like Sushi Hiro or Sushi of Shiori !!! Specialized in sushi & sashimi with reasonable price!!!

Nik Frengle

I agree about Sushi Hiro, but be warned that a reservation is usually needed, and they don't take debit or credit cards. I often have been there for Saturday lunch after my son finishes at the Japanese Saturday School, which is not far away. The clientele, aside from a few weird Western papas like myself, is almost entirely Japanese, which is a good sign. The fact that the sushi chefs themselves are also Japanese is also a very good sign, and in my experience with a lot of sushi restaurants in London, unusual. It isn't that only Japanese can make sushi, but it is the case that 99.9% of the world's best-trained sushi chefs are Japanese.

Davina Askew

I lived in Japan for 2 years and have been a lover of Japanese cuisine ever since. I've trawled London to find good Japanese food that doesn't cost the's harder than you would think! The best restaurant without a shadow of a doubt is Kiraku in Ealing Common- .The freshest most delicious Japanse food in town


Miyama on knightrider st is a small restaurant but the fresh fish is great and prices are cheap.


Amberjack in hoxton sq great choice of sushi made to order, try the black rice rolls!


The sushi at Tsuru in Canvey Street near the Tate is awesome. I could eat their cornish crab hand-rolls everyday for the rest of my life. Or the salmon and avacado, Or both... Yummmmmmm Oh, and the beer is cold too :)


I've been going to TenTenTei on Brwer street for years... love that place!


Sushi- Say is definitely worth crossing town for but keep your eyes open as it's easy to miss. The only diners there were Japanese....says it all!


As a Japanese person I must admit it's hard to find good sushi places in London... but there are a few which are pretty good and my Japanese mates would be happy to pay for. Try: Yoshino in Shaftesbury Avenue, and it's main restauran Yoshino in Picadilly lane near Waterstones in Picadilly. Also Saki in Farringdon does good sushi with fresh fish - ask for the daily specials because only Japanese people ask and get them! Ribon on high holborn behind City Thameslink is also good and fairly inexpensive for the quality. Otherwise... no offence but if you are after the real deal from Japan and not a western take like Pham, Yo, Samurai etc, I wouldn't bother!


Maki in Richmond do amazing sushi, I live in Tooting but after a friend intporduced me to this place I often make the two hour round trip for their Salmon Skin Rolls - Delicious!


Maki Yaki near South Wimbledon tube! Korean take on sushi... absolutely fantastic and great for taking people who have never had sushi before. Not being in zone 1 gives it the added benefit of being reasonably priced. However, beware the frozen beers... I like cold, but slushy is just wrong.


The Crunchy Tuna rolls at Pham Sushi on Whitecross Street are out of this world! Definitely my favourite restaurant for sushi!


Okawari in Ealing the fish is always fresh and its great value for money.


Try Yoshino near piccadilly circus for lunch during the week. Still the best Sushi i've had in London and cheaper than chips.


Okawari on Lisle street is delicious