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A group of people in a pub for pub trivia night.
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The best pub trivia nights in Melbourne

Knowledge is power (and free jugs of beer) at these boozers

Written by
Rose Johnstone
Nicola Dowse
Cassidy Knowlton
Adena Maier

Fancy yourself a bit of a general knowledge whiz? Put your brains to the test at these pub trivia nights, where questions on anything from film to sport are supplemented by cool beers and food specials. Nearly all of them are free to join, and fun prizes like bar tabs or jugs are up for grabs.

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11 great pub trivia nights in Melbourne

Mrs Smith's Trivia at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel
  • Bars
  • Brunswick

Best for: Collectors of kitsch knick-knacks

Pub trivia isn’t about winning prizes – except when that prize is a cheap plastic Jesus disco lamp. Then, you put your thinking cap on and pray your teammates know more about geography and history than you do. Fun collectables aside, the highlight of this weekly Sydney Road trivia night is its host, Mrs Smith. This fast-talking, joke-cracking quiz master has been slinging questions to punters for years in various pubs across the city, with her fanbase growing year by year. Other prizes include meals, jugs of beer and bottles of wine.

Wed 8pm. Free and can be booked here

  • Restaurants
  • Brunswick East

Best for: General knowledge heads and those with a taste for beer

Pub trivia company Funky Bunch hosts a cracker of a pub trivia night at this Brunswick East live music pub. The beer is cheap, the food specials are many, and you can win a case of beer for first prize, a bottle of wine for second and a jug of beer for second-last (so no throwing the game just to win a wooden spoon). Food and drink specials will also be available, including $9 pints and rotating burger options. 

Tue 8pm. Free, and find more information here.

  • Bars
  • Windsor

Best for: Southside cool kids with a penchant for vinyl

Young Hearts is on a mission to bring together the food, drink, music and art synonymous with Melbourne’s culture – and now, it's offering a weekly trivia sesh. Hosted by Quiz Club every Wednesday night from 7pm, trivia fans can expect weekly prizes and drink specials. Freddy's will look after the food (think cured meats, cacio e pepe croquettes and chicken sandos), and you just know the vinyl DJ console will be spinning some epic records.

Wed 7pm. Free and bookings are recommended. Find out more here.


Trivia at the Palace Hotel: Camberwell
  • Bars
  • Camberwell

Best for: All-round trivia fiends

Think you know more about your favourite shows or movies than anyone else? Do you have a strange obsessive knowledge of sports stats or world history? Winners get a $50 bar tab, and there are also often themed cocktails with the trivia nights. 

Mon 7pm. Free and can be booked here

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