The best waxing salons in Melbourne

Wanna be a smooth operator? Slink your way to one of these waxing salons

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Waxing is a delicate operation – you're dealing with sensitive areas and hot products, not to mention the fact that you don't want to be pencilling in your brows forever after because some overzealous beauty therapist went wax-happy on your face. It goes without saying that a good waxing establishment needs to be hygienic – that's a given, but diplomacy and skill are also essential.

If you're in the need of some post-wax relaxation, you may want to visit one of our favourite bath houses and spas. Or maybe you just need a quiet beverage, in which case check out our guide to Melbourne's best bars.

Where to get waxed in Melbourne


Brazilian Sunset

Brazilian Sunset offers everything involving Brazilians including aftercare products, tea tree washes, laser treatment and their staff are very friendly. You can even get vajazzled! Who says you can’t sparkle everywhere?



Brazilica offer all varieties of treatments, covering the basics like eyelash tinting, eyebrow waxing, working up (or down) to Brazilians. And with options ranging from 'X' to 'XXX', you can even get a lightning bolt down there! Specialising in Brazilians and brows, Brazilica will help you look your best with the perfect brow to suit the shape of your face. 



Silk employ the most practiced down-there therapists in Melbourne. Here you can get all kinds of facials, waxes and eyebrow treatments. Relax with an aromatic and calming facial at the end of a long week. Silk are also known for their eyebrow specialist of 15 years, Eve, so if you need a reshape, this is the place for you.



The perfect little boutique if you’re in the city and need a quick strip before a night out. Their prices are very reasonable (yet they use the highest quality wax) and you can book online – full marks for convenience. Careful if you go after 5pm though, as the front door is occasionally locked as a security measure, so make sure you have their number saved.

St Kilda

Wicked Bliss

This salon uses organic waxing products that combine Lycon with neutralising and gentle ingredients that won’t anger the skin – including chamomile, lavender and rose. Their top brag is that they can remove hairs as small at 1mm, but we're equally enamoured by the fact that they have TVs in every room.


Zipzip Wax

Wicked Bliss do almost everything you could imagine, from manicures, massages and tanning, to waxing, electrolysis and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Your one-stop shop for a naughty night out!


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