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Where to get pierced in Melbourne

There are plenty of places to get a puncture in this city

Photograph: Photl

Thinking of adding to your collection of stylish piercings? Finally ready to brave your first? Melbourne is full of body mod salons, but these are our favourites. If you love rocking a unique style, then check out our fave alternative fashion shops

Places to get body piercings

Off Ya Tree

Sure, it’s a chain. But what it may lack in indie appeal it makes up for in professionalism and duty of care. If you’re after an Amanda Bynes-style micro-dermal insert without the accompanying cray-cray, their hospital-grade piercing rooms should put you at ease.

What they pierce: Face, body, dermal anchors, nipple, female genital
What else they do: Tattooing, smoking paraphernalia, clothing, jewellery

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Piercing HQ

This Abbotsford piercing parlour brings over 30 years combined knowledge to their work. You're guaranteed top-notch service and unfailing professionalism here.

What they pierce: Body, face, genital
What else they do: Fully negotiated, professional kink piercing, an after hours service that involves elements of BDSM; Autoclaving (sex toy sterilisation)

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Piercing Urge

A true labour of love, the Piercing Urge was established in 1991 to meet the needs of Melbourne’s piercing and body modification devotees. Here, body modification is an art and, for some customers, a lifestyle.

What they pierce: Face, body, dermal anchors, male and female genital, flesh staple
What else they do: Lobe scalpelling, lobe stretching, scarification

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