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Cheap Melbourne: Music and dancing

Classical, jazz, indie, punk... whatever your position, there's a venue ready to slip you a free sample

As every cash-strapped music lover knows, there's only so long you can get by with cranking up the speakers at home and pretending you're at a gig. Instead, lace up your boots and head out to one of these pubs, clubs or bars where rocking out or dancing won't cost you a cent. Next time pay day rolls around, visit one of Melbourne's best record stores or buy tickets to a show at one of the city's best live music venues.

Cheap music gigs in Melbourne


Fridays at The Night Cat

The stage is smack bang in the middle of the room, but luckily the jazz, funk and roots acts are consistently captivating. Wind down on a Friday with some smoking jams.

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Rock out at the Reverence

Footscray pub The Reverence is a church where rock 'n' roll is the religion and the doors are open to any and all who seek its comfort.

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More thrifty thrills in Melbourne

Cheap things to do in Melbourne

Whether you're a student, a spendthrift, have been sucked dry over Christmas or just wanna stick it to the man, these freebies around town are perfect for you.

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By: Time Out editors