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The best things to order from Uber Eats in Melbourne

Now that you can get ace eats delivered to your door, choosing is the hard part
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Because Uber weren't done being disruptors yet, they've now solved all your eating vs putting on pants dilemmas by launching Uber Eats, a delivery service that brings the best food from over 100 of Melbourne's best restaurants, cafés, pub kitchens and diners to your door. So hungry you're incapable of making a decision? We've done the hard yards and rounded up our top ten orders on Uber Eats.

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Trippy Taco

Original Trippy Black Bean Tacos from Trippy Taco

icon-location-pin Fitzroy

When you need to spice up your lunch hour with hot sauce and lime, get an order of two of Trippy Tacos' famous black bean tacos topped with thick slices of avocado, mozzarella cheese, and a fresh tomato salsa, delivered to you for $13 from 11am.


Fancy Sanga Sandwich from Fancy Hank's BBQ Joint

icon-location-pin Melbourne

Fancy Hank’s nails the true American vibe more than any venue in Melbourne, but it's not always convenient to pop in for some smoked meats, which is why we're giving thanks that you can now order a Fancy Sanga Sandwich, a kick-ass brisket sandwich with cheese and pickles for a cool $12.50. 

A shot of fried chicken wings with pickles and a paper cup of po

Baller Bucket from Belle's Hot Chicken

icon-location-pin Fitzroy

No one likes the guy who orders half a dozen of Belle's famous hot wings with none to spare. That's why you want to go the baller bucket, which comes with 16 wings, four sides and three sauces so you can spread the love amongst your co-workers.

A soft shell crab burger with sriracha mayonnaise and coleslaw a

Soft Shell Crab Burger from Hammer and Tong 412

icon-location-pin Fitzroy

There's never a weekend when we don't consider popping into Hammer and Tong for a cheeky breakfast of champions, but now you can get your hands on their soft shell crab burger any day of the week, thanks to Uber Eats. That crisp-battered Queensland crustacean housed in puffy brioche with squiggles of sriracha mayonnaise and ‘slaw will keep us coming back to this joint time and again.

Milk the Cow: Carlton

Four Cheeses from Milk the Cow

icon-location-pin Carlton

Milk the Cow, Melbourne's favourite licenced fromagerie, knows that there's nothing much that can beat a good cheese plate, which is why you can order up three, four or five cheeses to be delivered - you'll have to supply the wine yourself though.

Crepes at Smäk Food House
Photograph: Amanda Summons
Restaurants, Cafés

Buckwheat Matcha Crepes from Smäk Food House

icon-location-pin South Yarra

Get yourself a serve of these bright green buckwheat crêpes with crisp edges, artfully scattered with flower petals and fresh berries. Topped with creamy coconut sorbet and tart lemon curd, the crepes make for a satisfyingly sweet breakfast. Plus we want to know how they get the sorbet there without it melting.

Rockwell And Sons cheeseburger

Double Patty Smash Burger from Rockwell and Sons

icon-location-pin Collingwood

Sometimes your best dish can become your worst enemy, and that's long been true at Rockwell and Sons where their burger has long dominated the conversation about this Collingwood hot spot. Their meat sandwich runs rings around the big gear, thanks to two juicy patties of prime beef layered with Kraft cheese singles (pity the apprentice peeling the plastic off during prep), little gherkins and tomato-mayo sauce in a butter brushed brioche bun. Fist-sized, salad-free and $12. Get a round for the office but remember, ten is the maximum per order.


Three dips from Gazi

icon-location-pin Melbourne

George Calombaris, everyone’s favourite chilli-hating MasterChef judge, has reinvented the Press Club as a casual Greek canteen. And Melbourne diners are lining up to prove his decision a good one. But thanks to Uber Eats you can forget the queues and get the good stuff brought to you. Food-wise they’re pushing the same sort of sharp, uncomplicated Greek gear, which means you should definitely order a round of three dips that includes the satiny beetroot number.

Eat a Scroll
Restaurants, Bakeries

6 Pack from Eat a Scroll Bakehouse

icon-location-pin Collingwood

This Collingwood bakery by pastry chef Julian Chew focus almost entirely, as the store name suggests, on cinnamon scrolls. And they're not just your regular old scrolls either (although there's nothing wrong with those!). Chew's scrolls are topped with sweet dollops of cream cheese, coffee cream icing, salted caramel, Ferrero Rocher, lemon and blueberry and many more, depending on what stroke of creativity strikes the young chef. Luckily you won't have to choose because you can order a mixed half dozen and surprise yourself with swet treats.

AJS Photography Mile End-29 2.jpg

#4 Smoked Salmon from Mile End Bagels

icon-location-pin Fitzroy

We might not be able to pop out for an onion bagel from our local cart at lunch because we don't live in NYC, but the next best thing must surely be ordering a boiled and baked bagel packed with cream cheese and smoked salmon to be delivered to your hungry face. These guys are doing Montreal-style bagels, whcih means they are smaller, thinner and denser than the New York style ones, plus they're sweeter as they're boiled in honey water before going in the wood-fire oven.

Prefer to dine in?

A plate of ten pieces of fried gyoza at Hakata Gensuke
Photograph: Ryan Noreiks
Restaurants, Cafés

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