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The 18 best couples cooking classes in NYC

Instead of dinner reservations, learn to cook for date night at the best couples cooking classes in NYC

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More often than not, date night involves food. With so many amazing restaurants in NYC (not to mention romantic restaurants), it’s not hard to find a new spot to take the love in your life for a meal. But if you’re a foodie in search of unique date ideas to shake things up a little bit, a cooking class might be right up your alley. More specifically, check out the best couples' cooking classes in NYC to brush up on your culinary skills while having a fun night out. We’ve tried them and boy are they good. There’s a lot there, too.

From basic culinary skills to cooking with wine, rolling sushi, or cooking authentic Thai food of exceptional quality, these couples' cooking classes aim to entertain and educate. And the best bit? You’re sure to grow even closer as you mix ingredients with your special someone. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into a kitchen competition — these classes contain knives! And peelers. Peelers can be dangerous, too. 

Whatever the focus of the cooking class you decide to book, you’ll learn something new and taste something delicious. Plus, you’ll have the skills you need to cook a delicious meal for a stay-at-home date night or to impress your pals a-deux. And if you’re looking for more ways to develop skills while kindling a romance, consider one of NYC’s best pottery classes — fun, functional, and you might even get to recreate that scene from Ghost. Here’s hoping, huh?

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Best NYC couples cooking classes

Handmade Pasta Cooking For Two People (BYOB) at Taste Buds Kitchen

1. Handmade Pasta Cooking For Two People (BYOB) at Taste Buds Kitchen

Pasta is an incredibly versatile food and if you are interested in spending a romantic evening learning how to work together in the kitchen to create a wonderfully romantic dinner, consider this handmade pasta cooking class. Do your best Lady and the Tramp impression as you and your partner make Fresh Fettuccine Pasta, Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli, Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, and a Rustic Tomato Sauce. This course will have you kneading dough, shaping pasta and preparing a romantic meal from scratch, all while you work together in the kitchen to make a dinner that you both can treasure.

Incredible Handmade Pizza Making For Two People (BYOB)

2. Incredible Handmade Pizza Making For Two People (BYOB)

While it may not invoke the most romantic of images, pizza is a popular date night food that you can learn to make with your partner in this accessible Pizza making 101 course. In this course, you and your partner will hand make every element of a traditional Neapolitan pizza, meaning you’ll be taking care of everything from making and stretching the pizza dough (you can try your hand at spinning it) to preparing the toppings and firing the pizza in an oven. You’ll learn how to make sure that all of your pizzas come out perfect and you’ll leave the class with a handmade pizza to share with your partner.


3. Cake Decorating for Couples 101 at NY Cake Academy

Spend your next date night learning how to turn simple cakes into stunning works of art in this couples cake decorating course.  You and your partner will learn how to work together to create stunning, artistic cakes that reflect your own creative impulses. You’ll learn the basics of working with tools like piping bags and spatulas and you’ll get hands-on experience working with buttercream frosting. If you want to have a fun night out with your partner and get a bit of cake for doing so, you should enroll today.

4. Tasty Thai For Two People (BYOB)

Spend an evening with your partner on a culinary journey to Thailand in this hands-on couples cooking course. You’ll learn how to transform your kitchen into a mini Thai restaurant as you learn how to cook authentic dishes like ​Pineapple Chicken Satay Skewers, Nut-free Pad Thai, Colorful Summer Rolls, and Coconut Basmati Rice. You’ll get hands-on experience preparing these dishes and you’ll learn what makes Thai food unique relative to other southeast and east Asian cuisines. Sign you and your partner up for a food adventure in this tasty thai cooking class.

An Evening in the Greek Isles at Abigail’s Kitchen

5. An Evening in the Greek Isles at Abigail’s Kitchen

There are few things that are more romantic than a fabulous getaway to some small, beautiful island in the Aegean Sea. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of free time and money to jet set to Limnos. If you want to get a bit of that romantic magic, consider enrolling in the Evening in the Greek Isles cooking course. Students will learn how to make authentic Horiatiki (Greek Salad with Feta,); Grilled Bronzini; Grilled Lamb Chops; Cucumber Dill Tzatziki with Grilled Pita; Briam (Greek ratatouille); and, for dessert, Baklava. This course is available online, so you and your partner can make this dish at home and, once the course is done, enjoy a date night (might we recommend My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3?).

Italian Date Night at CocuSocial Cooking Classes

6. Italian Date Night at CocuSocial Cooking Classes

One of the best reasons to consider a cooking class as a fun date night activity is that it essentially doubles as a night out for dinner with your partner. In this couples Italian cooking class, you’ll learn traditional techniques for creating famous Italian dishes like Double Tomato Bruschetta, Chicken Marsala (with prosciutto & mushrooms), and a medley of vegetables. This course will introduce you and your partner to an easy to make, delicious meal that can also double as a fun activity that you can do together at your home kitchen.

Couples French macaron class at Atelier Sucré
Ivan Kurchenko

7. Couples French macaron class at Atelier Sucré

If there’s one food item well placed to send those romantic sparks flying, it’s a macaron. Why? Well, they’re French for starters, but more importantly, they’re so damn delicious you can’t help but start to swoon. And if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to create the perfect little sweet treat with your sweetheart, then the excellent folks at Atelier Sucré will show you exactly how at their excellent East Village school. Délicieux, nos amis! 

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What romantic dinner would be complete without a glass (or two... maybe three...) of wine? Oenophiles and casual drinkers alike will enjoy this cooking class that incorporates drops of the good stuff into each recipe. You’ll get to prep dishes like salmon en papillote, bacon and leek risotto and red wine-poached pears while sipping your favorite vintage. And although this BYOB class isn’t exclusively for couples, we can’t think of a better reason to check it out than date night. Plus you’ll have some awesome recipes to take back when you want to make some culinary music at home. Bon appetit!

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No complicated souffles or baked Alaska here: The Brooklyn Kitchen focuses on recipes that any home cook can easily recreate after class. In fact, you barely need to know your knife from your napkin or your spoon from your spatula because these guys will teach you literally everything you need to know. Drop in for one of their date-night lessons to learn how to expertly sear a steak, work with puff pastry, and whip up a simple fruit torte. Now all you need to do? Master what you’ve learned from the comfort of your kitchen.

10. Homemade Pizza Party (For Two!)

Pizza is arguably one of the most universally loved foods on the planet, and setting aside your preference for New York, Chicago or Detroit-style pizza, few things bring people together like a well-baked pizza. This pizza-making class doubles as an excellent social activity for couples looking to master the art of making pizza at home. You and your partner will get hands-on experience making pizza from scratch and you’ll learn about the history of pizza and the development of different styles and trends in the pizza world (like why pineapple pizza became so popular in Canada). Plus, at the end of the event, it stops being a class and becomes a pizza party, which is how almost every event should end.

Hand-Rolled Sushi & Dumplings for Two

11. Hand-Rolled Sushi & Dumplings for Two

If you are interested in a date night dinner that is both easy to make at home and has an air of class to it, consider enrolling in this hand-rolled sushi and dumplings course. You’ll learn how easily it is to make your own simple sushi rolls and dumplings in your kitchen and how you can turn just a few minutes of work into a delicious, customized meal that you and your partner can enjoy together. There is a reason that so many sushi restaurants offer a love boat option and if you take this class, you’ll be able to recreate this delicious date night meal on your own (you’ll need to buy your own novelty wooden boat though).

12. Knife Skills at Abigail’s Kitchen

While learning to cook with your partner is a great way to bond and become closer, it can actually be pretty stressful if one or both of you aren’t exactly cut out for the kitchen. You can address this by enrolling in a class like Knife Skills at Abigail’s Kitchen, where you will learn the basics of working with a range of kitchen knives, ensuring that it is only the food that gets cut (not you or your partner’s hands). You’ll learn to chop, slice, dice, mince and even julienne vegetables and you’ll learn how to filet and debone poultry and fish. By the end of this course, you and your partner will be ready to start working as a team in the kitchen without fear.


13. Romantic Dinner for Two at Home Cooking New York

Consider this 2.5-hour class the prep work for your next anniversary or celebration. The instructors will demonstrate the techniques, then allow you to try at your own workstation. You’ll prepare hanger steak, pommes anna, dark chocolate mousse and a champagne cocktail to enjoy at the end of the class, and leave with all the recipes and skills you need to recreate the meal at home.

Ice Cream Cocktail Mixology at Tipsy Scoop Brooklyn

14. Ice Cream Cocktail Mixology at Tipsy Scoop Brooklyn

Tipsy Scoop Brooklyn is an Instagram famous hotspot renowned for their delicious ice cream cocktails, which are perfectly blended creations combining the sweetness of ice cream and the complex flavors of a well-made mixed drink. In this class, you’ll learn the art of ice cream making and the process of infusing that ice cream with bourbons, scotches, vodkas and rums. You’ll make two ice-cream cocktails (so it is great for you and your partner to share) and you’ll have a chance to sample even more options at their Brooklyn location. This course is an excellent way to learn how to make a delicious, boozy dessert to complement any date night.

Classic and Creative Cocktails for Couples

15. Classic and Creative Cocktails for Couples

A trip to an upscale bar can be a wonderful addition to any date night out on the town, but between the crowds and the 22 dollar Martinis, this can end up being more hassle than it is worth. That said, you can bring the bar home with you by enrolling on a classic and creative cocktails mixology course. In this program, you’ll learn the art and science of making the perfect mixed drinks, including modern favorites like the Paper Plane (whiskey, Amaretto, Aperol and lemon juice) and centuries old classics like the Negroni (gin, Campari and sweet Vermouth). After this class, you can spice up any intimate gathering with a perfectly crafted cocktail in only a few minutes.

Italian Cooking for Two (BYOB)

16. Italian Cooking for Two (BYOB)

Join your partner on a culinary trip to Tuscany and learn the art of the traditional Italian cooking practices in this fun and accessible two person cooking class. In this vegetarian-friendly program, couples will learn to make ​Fresh Eggplant Parmesan, Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil Risotto and Cannoli Rolls. Students will get hands-on experience cooking accessible but delicious meals and by the end of the class, you and your partner will have a home-cooked meal and the knowledge you need to become even more adventurous with your culinary expeditions.

Classic French Countryside for Two People

17. Classic French Countryside for Two People

Take a trip to Provence and Lyon in this french cooking class inspired by the unmistakable beauty and culinary mystique of Southwestern France. In this course, couples will learn to make Coq au Vin (Braised Chicken), Lyonnaise Potatoes with butter and fresh herbs, Green Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette and Handmade Crepes with Berry Coulis. Students are also encouraged to bring their own wine to sample during the course (you won’t be penalized from bringing wine that isn’t from southern France, but why wouldn’t you?). By the end of the course, you and your partner will have a complete meal to enjoy together and experience the romantic majesty of a rich French cultural tradition.

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