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The 100 best dishes in London by category

Feeling a bit peckish? Dip into our list of London's 100 best dishes by category

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Barbecue and grill

Looking for meaty grilled eats? These ones are hot off the BBQRead More

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In search of London's best breakfast? These dishes are our favourite early morning treatsRead More

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Roast dinner, pie and mash, fish and chips – keep it traditional with the best of BritishRead More

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Desserts and sweet treats

Discover London's best desserts with our pick of the most heavenly sweet treatsRead More

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Carnivores can indulge in the capital with our selection of the best meats on the menuRead More

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From ramen and pho to hotpots and stews, these are the most warming one-bowl dishesRead More

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Looking for the finest seafood around? Here's our choice of the best fishy dishesRead More

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Signature dishes

These dishes are the stars of the show on top London tablesRead More

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Small plates

Small plates are still on-trend, so here's where to find the bestRead More

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Street food

Tuck into street food dishes from around the world at London market stallsRead More

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Who said vegetarian dishes had to be boring? Here are some beautiesRead More

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The top ten

No messing around. Cut straight to the top ten dishes in LondonRead More

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