84 Los Angeles attractions for tourists and natives alike

Visit these essential Los Angeles attractions, whether you're a tourist in for the weekend or a native looking to explore



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Magic Castle

Speak the secret phrase to the owl scultpure in the lobby of this private club, and the rest—well, we don't want to ruin the surprises in store for visitors at this magical institution. The mansion is over a century old, but since 1963 it's been the home of the Academy of Magical Arts, an exclusive organization made up of roughly 2,500 American magicians. If you can't find a member to tag along with, stay at the adjacent Magic Castle Hotel for access.

  1. 7001 Franklin Ave
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Six Flags Magic Mountain

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What it lacks in charm, Six Flags makes up for in thrills. Comprised of Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor water park, the cinematic stand-in for Wally World is most famous for rides that'll push your heart into your mouth and your lunch on to the person sitting in front of you. It's a raucous place, both on the rides and off them: if you've got very young kids in tow, Disneyland and Universal Studios are both better bets. But if you're up for big thrills—and lines—then go for a spin on X2, Full Throttle, Goliath, Superman and Tatsu. 

  1. Magic Mountain Parkway
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Rose Bowl Flea Market

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This flea market around the exterior of the Rose Bowl is staggeringly colossal—but what else would you expect from a 90,000-seat stadium? On the second Sunday of each month, an odd mix of vendors populates the loop around the stadium: for every eye-catching artwork, there's a ratty $5 T-shirt, and for each elegant craft there's a competing "as seen on TV" demo. But you may have more luck in the rows and rows of old furniture, albums and vintage clothes and accessories that fill the adjacent parking lot. There are plenty of duds, to be sure, but come out early enough and you may go home with that perfect purchase.

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  1. Rose Bowl Stadium 1001 Rose Bowl Dr
  2. Second Sunday of each month
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Movie studios

Find out what’s hiding behind those sliding elephant doors with a peek into the sets and sound stages of LA’s many movie studios. Take a walk through cinema history at Sony Pictures Studios—the former MGM backlot—that’s housed everything from The Wizard of Oz to Breaking Bad. Or, if you’d prefer a more leisurely look, take a tram ride through the expansive city streets and sound stages of the Warner Bros. and Paramount studio lots.

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