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The Last Resort
Photograph: Courtesy Black Sheep Restaurants

The Last Resort is the latest bar set to open in Soho this November

No-frills drinks and comforting fried chicken will feature on the menu

Fontaine Cheng

With so many of us in dire need of a drink, it goes without saying just how precious the bar scene is to us Hongkongers. No wonder then, that new bars like The Daily Tot open up, or bars including The Diplomat rebrand. Some even convert their concepts to adapt, such as the cafes by day and bars by night theme we now see cropping up across the city.

Another bar to add to that list will be The Last Resort, a new bar by the team behind Black Sheep Restaurants, which is expected to open by the end of November this year. The new bar, which will be located in the already bustling area of Soho, will be 'nothing fancy' and something between a dive, back-alley, or roadside bar – except friendlier. Made for those who've had a tough day and need to see a friendly face, or drown their sorrows, The Last Resort promises to be a bar you can turn to, and looks a little like a sports bar you might find in Canada too.

The drinks menu will be 'approachable and straightforward', with strong, quality cocktails that include fresh-pressed green apple juice topped with bourbon, or a simple but satisfying cherry cola and rum. Meanwhile, the food menu designed by executive chef (and fellow Canadian) Jowett Yu of Ho Lee Fook and Le Garçon Saigon, will focus on comfort foods such as hot fried chicken made with local (three-yellow) chicken and a blend of spices.

Black Sheep Restaurants founder Christopher Mark comments ”We have been part of Soho for so long now, it has become our home and we really wanted to open something that was made for us, for our teams, our friends, and our peers. A lot of the team have spent time living in Canada and have a similar nostalgia for these no-frills bars that act as a haven after long days or nights, in some cases, long weeks and months, where those in the neighbourhood, as well as those working in the industry, could find a little respite.”

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