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7 Ways to experience Japan in Hong Kong

Satisfy your travel itch at these Japanesque destinations
Written by
Jenny Leung

Longing for a slice of Japan? We're right there with you. A land filled with all the weird, wacky, and wonderful things imaginable, Japan is arguably the most popular travel destination for Hongkongers. Luckily, our city is heavily influenced by Japanese culture, so you're never too far away from discovering great Japanese food, fashion, or even art. But since we can’t go anywhere too far right now, here are some ideas on how you can have yourself a Japanese holiday in Hong Kong.

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  • Restaurants
  • Japanese

When it comes to Japanese food, Hong Kong has it down. From sushi restaurants to ramen joints, and let's not forget about the dip-tastic tsukemen, our city is bursting at the seams with exquisite Japanese restaurants. If you're curious to try them all, check out our recommendations of the best Japanese restaurants in town, or eat your way to Tokyo and back with a list of our favourite Japanese dishes and where to get them.

  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Sheung Wan

Channelling chic, Japanese-Nordic vibes, Green Gingko Tea specialises in premium teas from the prefectures of Kyoto and Shizuoka. Careful attention is paid to everything from the teaware right down to the water quality and temperature to ensure that the final brew is of the utmost quality. Try one of the sencha green teas, or go for the kukicha blend made from twigs and stems from the tea plant.

  • Shopping

Forget Sasa and Bonjour, Hong Kong has a whole host of Japanese drugstores where you'll find a huge array of affordable beauty and lifestyle products. That and the added bonus of not having a sales lady follow you around makes these drugstores excellent places for a shopping spree. Pay a visit to Don Don Donki to find everything from medicine and toothbrushes to wacky beauty gadgets, or check out places like Tokyo Lifestyle and Cosme Store to discover the newest and latest trending Japanese beauty products.

  • Art
  • Sheung Wan

Aishonanzuka is one of the few galleries in Hong Kong that specialises in Japanese art. A collaboration between Japanese galleries Aisho Miura Arts and Nanzuka, Aishonanzuka features contemporary art by established and emerging artists from Japan who challenge norms by creating art that is both original and impactful. Expect names like Hajime Sorayama and Nobuyoshi Araki gracing the walls of this gallery. 

Stay on top of Japanese fashion
Photograph: Courtesy Shibuya109

Stay on top of Japanese fashion

Hongkongers are a stylish bunch, and it's certainly in large credit to influences from Japanese fashion. If you're shopping on a budget, GU is by far the best place to shop for affordable high street fashion pieces with a Japanese touch. But if variety is what you're after, make Shibuya109 your go-to as it offers a selection of Japanese brands that can cover all your fashion needs from shoes to swimwear to workwear and more.

  • Restaurants

What better way to end your ‘trip’ than with this heavenly dessert? Offering a bitter punch of green tea mixed with a slight sugary sweetness, matcha desserts come in all shapes and form. Via Tokyo whips up some of the best soft serve ice cream in town, while Kyoto Matcha An's menu is entirely dedicated to green tea. Those looking for a full-on matcha experience should also visit Tealosophy Hong Kong, where apart from savouring matcha desserts and tea, various Japanese tea ceremony workshops are regularly held. For a more local take, we definitely recommend heading up to Yuen Long to try Lo Chen Bakery's matcha chiffon cake too.

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