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The best things to do in Hong Kong at night that's not drinking

Having a dry January? Check out these sober nighttime activities instead

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Time Out Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s concrete jungle may seem like an unlikely playground for those who want to do more than bar-hop at night. But there are tons of great activities that go beyond grabbing a late-night bite or bellying up one of Hong Kong's many great bars. Whether you’re looking to take a little time off alcohol or giving up booze entirely, these things to do and places to see will help you conquer your FOMA (Fear of Missing Alcohol).

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Nighttime activities in Hong Kong that's not drinking

Ryze Trampoline Park Night Party
  • Things to do
  • North Point

Hongkongers love a party, but going out to bars and clubs may not always be the best choice when you wake up with a hangover the next morning. The next time your friends want to go out, consider going to ‘Club Ryze’ at its namesake trampoline park: Ryze. Bounce back from the stress of your workweek every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm to 11pm, when the lights go out and the music turns up. Take things to the next level by booking a ‘Extreme Lock-in Party’, where you get to enjoy the park all night long.

$2,700-$4,500. Mon-Fri 11pm-8am.

Hong Kong Erotic Museum
  • Attractions
  • Kwun Tong

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Hongkongers tend to shy away from open discussions or overtly sexual behaviour. However, the first-ever erotic museum in town is letting you know that there is nothing to be shy about. In fact, it encourages exploration of the subject and its history. Hidden in a sex store called Take Toys, the small space exhibits global sex artefacts, such as penis moulds, sex sculptures, erotic pictures and other works of art reflecting both modern and classical Chinese, Japanese and Western eroticism.

  • Things to do
  • Hong Kong

Hong Kong at night is an ironic space where the invisible become visible and the unseen are seen. Organised by local enterprise Walk in Hong Kong, ‘LGBT in the City’ is a private night tour schooling you on Hong Kong’s own LGBT history while guiding you through the historical landmarks of Central and Sheung Wan by foot. Providing an unfiltered look at the lives of the LGBT community, tour guides will share chronicles such as the ‘Central Elevator’ and the infamous ‘public toilet’. The two-hour walking tour happens in Central and Sheung Wan area, by appointment only.

Bat Watching
  • Things to do
  • Hong Kong

Bats aren’t the first thing you would associate with Hong Kong, yet according to the WWF, there are actually 21 known species living in our city. And while it’s usually safe to assume that bats are woodland creatures or dwell in caves, in Hong Kong, most bats live in man-made structures like water pipes and tunnels. While there are several night hikes in the New Territories that are ideal for bat-watching, your best bet for seeing bats is through customised tours such as Adventure Tours HK. The agency uses special bat detectors to listen in to their echolocation calls and tells us when a bat is nearby.

$110-$150. 6053 6076.

Night Diving

Night Diving

Night diving is growing in popularity in Hong Kong, and there’s little wonder why. Fascinating and adrenaline-pumping at the same time, this activity puts marine life in a whole new light – a different cast of reef animals that sleep during the day come out and play after the sun goes down. Splash Diving, Diving Adventure and Mandarin Divers are just a few out of many companies that offer night diving experiences in Hong Kong.

  • Music
  • Mid-Levels

AfterDark. is an audio factory based out of an apartment in Central. As the name would suggest, every evening after sunset is when it is brought to life by a music fanatic who is a finance professional by day and an audio craftsman by night. Everything here is modified or made by hand from recycled parts. That means each piece of equipment is a unique work of art. The audio store introduces new products once every month. If you are passionate about creating music and are interested in learning more, contact the store owner to make an appointment and get ready for a melodious evening of creative collaboration.

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