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Things to do with your friends while social distancing

Social distancing is a part of everyday life these days, but here’s how still have fun with your pals and make the most of it.

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Time Out Hong Kong

These are challenging times for Hong Kong, with the ongoing situation and resultant social distancing measures making it feel a little harder to enjoy the many great things about our city, especially when it comes to spending quality time with your closest friends. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, because there are many great things us Hongkokngers can do with our best buds whilst staying safe. To celebrate International Friendship Day, we’ve put together a list of fun things you and your bestie can do, so you can watch, play, and laugh your friendship to new heights. By Shanti Parmanand

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Things to do with your friends while social distancing

Have a Rave

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With Rave, there is no need to watch videos alone any longer. You can stream videos from platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime and other sites with your friends. Once you click on your chosen site and video, you can then invite friends from your contact list. This app is completely free for IOS and Android devices and is the world’s first multimedia messenger app that allows users to simultaneously watch their favourite videos with friends online. What’s more, your group of friends can message and voice memo each other whilst the video is playing, so you can interact in a way that is reminiscent of those weekend movie night marathons we used to do. Head over to their website for more information.


Have a boozy quiz night over Zoom

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With 2020 being the year of Zoom, we aren’t new to birthdays, baby showers and weddings being held via video call. So, gathering your friends around for a boozy Zoom quiz night may be just what everyone needs. Have one person in charge of asking the questions and prepare them beforehand on a specific topic - you’ll find these to be entertaining and comical, especially with homemade cocktails at hand. But the best thing is, you can enjoy all this in the comfort of your own home.


Get artsy

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Consider an arts and crafts day with activities such as tie-dying t-shirts to keep up with Instagram trends, or painting and drawing over a black canvas. Craft supply stores along Sai Yee Street in Prince Edward offer a wide variety of affordable supplies, and CN Square on Nathan Road will blow you away with its five floors of stationery. This easily can be dialled down to two people at home and if not, a solo artsy day for yourself whilst video calling your friends can do too. Maybe, even make matching tie-dye outfits and wall-art for your friends and exchange them at the end of the week –something to look forward to on the weekend.

Get your game on

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There are a few games on the app store that’ll surely lighten up your mood and are great to play with your best buddies. Psych! is a free questionnaire app that can be downloaded on IOS and Android. All you have to do is send the game code you receive at the start to your friends and you’ll all be pitted against each other to answer a series of questions and vote on the funniest answer. Other classic games such as Words with Friends and UNO are also available to download on Google Play and the Apple AppStore, but watch out because these are majorly addictive!


Cook off!

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Another stay-at-home favourite is whipping up some sweet treats or cooking a delicious dinner. Now limited to two people, this calls for another zoom session but this time, you’ll be baking or cooking. Inspiration is all over in our city with various Instagram foodies constantly posting their do-able recipes online. Select a main and a dessert to make on the weekend and spend the evening ‘socialising’ with your friends through cooking.

Work it out

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Stay healthy and active with your friends by downloading these IOS apps (available on Apple Appstore) such as inKin, PumpUp or Strava. All apps allow you to sync your contacts so you and your friends can keep track of each others’ meals, and fitness activities, making you feel like you are in this together. Whilst inKin is completely free, PumpUP is £47.99 (around $480) and Strava is £89.99 (around $900) after the thirty-day trial is complete. All three do its job, but for those who enjoy Instagram, PumpUp is essentially that, allowing users to post pictures of their journey, creating a fitness feed of their own. 

More ways to have fun at home

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