London's best hot dogs

Forget leathery sausages on soggy buns – find the best hot dogs in town

Poshed-up US-style fast food has never been more popular in London. From retro-styled diners to swanky restaurants, everywhere you look it seems someone's slapping a length of meat into an elongated bun. And while some are no better than your average cinema snack, there are hot dogs of true majesty to be found in London, if you know where to look. Try these American restaurants, German sausage houses or fusion food mash-ups for starters.                                     

The best hot dogs in London

Big Apple Hot Dogs

The ‘cool’ dog, from a street food cart – and complete with cult following. Great bun-to-sausage ratio. The squidgy bun is dwarfed by a whopping NY style sausage: a pork dog with a springy middle and delicately smokey casing. You can currently find Big Apple's cart by Euston station.


Dirty Bones

This ‘dive and dog bar’ – hot dogs, that is – is housed in a highly styled retro cool Kensington basement. The hostess table is a vintage pinball machine, the lighting is flatteringly set to drinking-den low, and the music is at ‘party loud’. Expect impeccable hot dogs in pillowy buns and all manner of other pimped dude-food.


Hackney Picturehouse Bar & Kitchen

Okay, not a ‘destination dog’, but still the best cinema sanger in town. The finger bun has a non-speaking part: the star is the sausage. Dense yet bouncy, it's beautifully seasoned, with just the right level of spice kick. Served with sauerkraut and sweet mustard. 


Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar

The top dog, without doubt. Deliciously juicy, the top-notch sausage is distinctly smokey and has a huge, ahem, girth. Served in a buttery brioche bun, this chilli cheese champ will rock your world. Sloppy but satisfying.


Herman ze German

The second Herman branch in Soho is still a fast-food joint, but is a more inviting space, with extra seating. Wherever you choose to eat them though, the sausages are sehr gut. Imported from the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), they use high-quality pork; have juicy, springy middles; and a proper ‘knack’ when you bite. What’s more, they’re served, traditional-style, in ‘proper bread’ – here using chewy baguettes. 

Charing Cross

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By: Time Out London Food & Drink


Helen H

Hawaiian Hound at brewhouse Islington - holy crap. Have tried to recreate at home coz loved it so much

Lydia D

Although they appear to be on a bit of a holiday, I liked Fleisch Mob's the best. I also like the hot dogs at Bodean's, even if they use a bought-in sausage. For something a bit different, I like Pop Dogs - not what any American would recognise as a hot dog, but still good.

Shelley H

Everyone knows Germans have the best weiners - firm but succulent, smothered in sauce, with a smokey finish. I'd gobble up Herman any day of the week. In fact, I normally have two. 

Crispin Z

LOVE Dirty Bones! They do one with pulled pork, bacon and jalapenos on top that I could seriously eat for every meal. And their burger with macaroni cheese is incredible!  

Esmerelda P

Herman Ze German is sehr gut! Keep sending food like this our way and all that business with the war will be water under the bridge :) 

Jane B

Dirty Bones sounds amazing, but I'm a Hawksmoor purist. I'd happily bathe in their chilli if they'd let me. God knows what they put in the wieners (best not to ask) but it's tasty as bacon cake. Hmmmmmmmm.

Prince B

I'm a big fan of Herman but I think Big Apple wins it for me - amazingly smokey and I love that you can buy them raw to cook at home. Don't BubbleDogs deserve a mention?

Gunther G

Whenever I'm in Soho, I like to have curry sauce on Bockwurst. Then to recover I go to Herman Ze German.

Frank F

Hands down the best dog in town is Hawksmoor's chilli cheese number. Hot diggety dog!  

Mermayden .

I actually buy packet smoked bratwurst from the basement of the Kensington Whole Foods and make my own.  A tenth of the price and I can customise to my hearts content.  I like a combo of mustard and ketchup with fried onions.


About the Herman ze German review. Yes it is great, but the black forest is not in Bavaria ;) And the sausages are not from Bavaria either!


Stamford Bridge Deathdog is a worthy contender