The best hot cocktails in Melbourne you need to drink this winter

Everyone loves a spritz in the sun, but what about winter? Warm up with our favourite hot cocktails

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Staying warm with a drink isn't all about mulled wines and ciders. Switch it up with these hot cocktails to up your drinking game in the colder months. Stay cosy by drinking next to a fireplace and keep yourself occupied with some of our favourite rainy-day activities.

Where to get the best hot cocktails


Bad Frankie

Drink: Whisky and malt tea

This malt tea is made from Starward wine cask whisky and a malt barley tea. The tea is made in house from four different kinds of malted barley with a pinch of salt, creating a thin, sweet porridge. Served in a campfire mug for the full winter effect.


Waterslide Bar

Drinks: Auntie Faye’s Cure No.23

This is like a warm apple and rhubarb pie you can drink. A spiced rhubarb and apple syrup is added to bourbon and bottled in individual serves. Each bottle is then warmed in a water bath and topped with a custard. Not a bad way to get dessert.



Gin Palace

Drink: Warm spiced Negroni

It’s not a vat of soup in the warmer behind the bar; the tureen is filled with a warm Negroni made from Maidenii classic vermouth, a pepperberry-forward gin, Campari and Chinese five spice. Cider isn’t the only thing you can mull.


Beneath Driver Lane

Drink: Hot Foot Powder

This Blazer is a rich, hot and spicy blend of rum, cognac, vermouth with a housemade cigar syrup that adds the faintest hint of tobacco flavour. The mixture is set on fire, thrown and finished with a homemade orange sherbert, which adds an acidic effervescence on the tongue that helps to balance out the richness of the drink.


Bar Ampere

Drink: Hot buttered absinthe

Clarified unsalted butter is infused with mace, clove and cardamom before it is added to a Costa Rican dulce syrup, La Clandestine Absinthe and Mr Bitters Fig and Cinnamon bitters. Sweet tooths can rejoice as it is served with a spoonful of house-made dulce de leche.



Drink: Blazing Glögg 

This blazer uses Martell VS cognac, port, juniper and cranberry. This mixture is blazed and thrown and served in a chalice so you can feel like a Viking with a house spice 'tea bag’.


Arbory Bar and Eatery

Drink: Spiked Chai

18+ your chai drinking habits by heading to Arbory and asking them to spike it with Johnnie Walker Black and Frangelico. It’s a completely different kind of warming experience.


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