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Photography: supplied

The best hot cocktails in Melbourne you need to drink this winter

Everyone loves a spritz in the sun, but what about winter? Warm up with our favourite hot cocktails

By Jess Ho

Staying warm with a drink isn't all about mulled wines and ciders. Switch it up with these hot cocktails to up your drinking game in the colder months. Stay cosy by drinking next to a fireplace and keep yourself occupied with some of our favourite rainy-day activities.

Where to get the best hot cocktails

Union Electric
Photograph: Amanda Summons

1. Union Electric Bar

Bars Melbourne

Drink: Hot Ross

Named after Sam Ross, the Aussie bartender who has made it good in New York, this is a take on his original, the Penicillin, but served hot. Built off whiskey, ginger syrup and lemon juice, it is warmed in a milk frother to bring it up to temperature, aerate it a little for a lighter mouthfeel and garnished with candied ginger. Guaranteed to cure what ails ya.

2. Above Board

Bars Cocktail bars Collingwood

Drink: Bringing Sexy Bax

This is Above Board's take on the Irish coffee made with vermouth, Amaro Montenegro, Campari and a cold drip extraction of 5 Senses coffee which is then heated, topped with cream and dusted with nutmeg. 


3. Arbory Bar and Eatery

Bars Melbourne

Drink: Tiny Todd

There is a whole roster of hot cocktails to keep you warm at Arbory, but the Tiny Todd is mighty enough to warm your cockles and flush out andy lingering lurgies you may have picked up from the office. It's a punched up version of the Hot Toddy made with Pure Scot Whisky, Yellow Chartreuse, honey, lemon juice, house-made spiced syrup and Earl Grey tea. 

Portrait shot of Jessica Clayfield, Gin Palace behind the bar
Photograph: Graham Denholm

4. Gin Palace

Bars Cocktail bars Melbourne

Drink: Hot and Foxy

Falernum, Cedar Fox Gin and a house-made spiced orange reduction containing cumin, cinnamon and juniper are all warmed together and served with a chilli and gingersnap cookie. Who said you can't enjoy an orange juice served warm?


5. Beneath Driver Lane

Bars Cocktail bars Melbourne

Drink: Blackbeard Blazer

This blazer is flaming hot with a menthol finish, which could be challenging for people expecting an easy drink. This blazer is based on the very divisive ingredient Branca Menta, housemade blackstrap rum, a blue mountain tea syrup with black currant and cocoa bitters.

Cocktails at Bar Ampere
Photograph: Graham Denholm

6. Bar Ampere

Bars Cocktail bars Melbourne

Drink: Mulled Negroni

Sometimes a regular Negroni is just too cold when you're enduring the arctic blast, so Bar Ampere has created the warm, mulled solution. The standard Negroni ingredients receive an addition of organic grenache, cloves and star anise, which are warmed together and served in a flute.


7. Waterslide Bar

Bars Southbank

Drink: Hot and Spicy Mule

This hot whisky cocktail made with a spicy house syrup, Punt e Mes, citric acid and a mix of secret herbs and spices. Each served is batched up in its own bottle and held at the perfect drinking temperature of 70 degrees, so you don't have to wait to warm yourself up from the inside. 

8. The Elysian

Bars Fitzroy

Drink: Hot Toddy

Yes, this may sound like an uninspired hot cocktail, but be rest assured that this will be the most well-prepared Hot Toddy in Melbourne, especially since it isn't on the menu. The base pour is a blend of Glenlivet and Ardbeg, which is lengthened with a premium pu'er tea and flavoured with the typical honey, citrus and spices.

Strawberry desert at IDES
Photograph: Graham Denholm

9. Ides

Restaurants Collingwood

Drink: Rhum Thyme

To pair with its Black Box, a warm cocktail made with the spiced Rhum J.M. xo rum, citrus and wild thyme honey to match their pomegranate, candied pistachio and mandarin dessert. If you haven't forked out for the beverage pairing, you can grab this alone for $22. 

Photography: supplied

10. Mjølner

Bars Melbourne

Drink: Blazing Glögg 

This blazer uses Martell VS cognac, port, juniper and cranberry. This mixture is blazed and thrown and served in a chalice so you can feel like a Viking with a house spice 'tea bag’.

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