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Whisky and Alement bartender
Photograph: Graham Denholm

The best whisky bars in Melbourne

From Scottish varieties to American, Japanese and Australian, there are endless flavours of whisky to explore around town

By Time Out editors

Whisky (or whiskey, if you prefer the American varietals) isn't just for hardcore drinkers with stomachs of steel. There are so many types of whiskies – from dark smokey drams to smoother malts – that all a drinker needs to do is find one that suits their individual palate. One of the fastest ways to do this is to find a bar with staff who know how to make a great recommendation.

Still thirsty? Here are Melbourne's 50 best bars and the best places to drink a decent cocktail.

1. Whisky & Alement

Bars Melbourne

The folks at this slip of a bar on Russell Street know whisky. They've got almost 500 bottles of the stuff glittering on the back bar, along with a miniature wooden cask which delivers extreme eye-watering flavours. Know nothing? They’ll teach you. Want to know what’s going on with locally made hooch? Chances are that the guys from Bakery Hill and Starward Whisky (a distillery in Port Melbourne) are sitting at the bar right now. If you’re after an educated talkin’ to, all matched to smoky beers and snacks like pickled garlic, this is your bar. Plus, Whisky & Alement took out our Bar of the Year award in 2017, so you know they're onto a good thing. 

2. The Elysian

Bars Fitzroy

The Elysian is located on Brunswick Street, but this whisky bar by two former Whisky and Alement alums is also straight out of Japan. The small space has that olde-worlde ambience you want when you’re dropping serious cash on drinks, with jazz standards on the stereo, wooden bar, wood-panelled walls, and a back bar holding an eye-watering 300 whisky bottles. Wong and Low are making it their life’s mission to hunt down the world’s rarest and most interesting drams, so that you can taste whiskies unavailable anywhere else in Australia. 


3. Eau De Vie

Bars Melbourne

This jazzy back-alley speakeasy has a giant, twinkling whisky library out the back and right now, its own whisky. Like to do a little peacocking? Buy a bottle of something off the back bar and you can store it in your own hooch locker. They also do a whisky cocktail matched degustation if you want to indulge your wild side.

4. Beneath Driver Lane

Bars Cocktail bars Melbourne

If you like cocktails, whisky, blues, good service and eating Reuben sandwiches at 2am, Beneath Driver Lane is your basement of dreams. Occupying an old bank vault in the CBD, this bar has a Harry Potter feeling that’s rare in a city whose subterranean spaces are sorely underused. 

A portrait shot of bartender Jack Sotti behind the bar at Boiler
Photograph: Graham Denholm

5. Boilermaker House

Bars Craft beer Melbourne

If you’d worked a long, hard day, you probably wouldn’t want to quench your thirst with a Sex on the Beach. What you’d want is a Boilermaker: one shot whisky, one glass of beer. This brown-as-a-Brazil-nut bar on Lonsdale Street, which scooped Best New Bar at the 2016 Time Out Bar Awards, is the city’s second temple to whisky, joining sister bar Eau de Vie, which has been getting Melburnians elegantly imbibed on aptly named Malthouse Lane since 2014.

6. The Kilburn

Bars Hawthorn

The cigar fug of Baranows Lounge may have dissipated for good, but the keen whisky focus remains. Caramel-coloured booths, bentwood chairs and wine barrels fill the cavernous, high-ceilinged hall of this masculine Hawthorn clubhouse. Behind the bar, nimble staff climb ladders to pluck bottles of single malt from the top shelves, before pouring the amber liquids over ice or mixing them into full-bodied cocktails.


7. 1806

Bars Cocktail bars Melbourne

If you’re a cocktail rookie on a fact-finding mission, take yourself to 1806 – the prettiest booze school in the land. Sit at the long, ornate bar, behind which is a twinkling rainbow of liquor bottles theatrically framed by velvet curtains, and prepare to get learned. The menu is literally a book starting with drinks from the year 1806, and if you're into whisky, then you can leaf through the Scotch whiskies, through Ireland and into America and Japan. For the full experience, check out the flights menu and take a tour through the diversity of Scotch whisky.

8. The Woods of Windsor

Restaurants Windsor

It's all about the whisky at this classic speakeasy joint in Windsor. For boffins, there are 50 types of single malts and blends to consider, or if you’re a noob, get to asking questions – there’s knowledge behind that bar you should be tapping. If the hard stuff is too strong, try a Whisky Mac: a 50/50 mix of Scotch whisky and Stones ginger wine, here with a citrus twist over hand-cut ice. Or perhaps a classic Bobby Burns – Aberfeldy 12, sweet vermouth, Benedictine liqueur and bitters.


9. The Toff in Town

Bars Melbourne

Curtin House is frankly ridiculous, brimming over with a host of outstanding bars and club spaces. The Toff in Town is one of the swankiest, with a private booth bar to the left of the stairway and the excellent band space to the right. They do some pretty interesting things with whisky: the Chocolate Ginger Bourbon Old Fashioned is a sweeter take on the classic. You could mix things up and get the awesome bar team to mix you up a Honey Old Fashioned with Aberfeldy 12-year-old.

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Paccheri at Osteria Ilaria
Photograph: Graham Denholm

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