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An animated robot comes to Earth.

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Photograph: Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar's latest release is set in the year 2700. Earth is buried under mountains of trash and humans have fled the scene, leaving the global cleanup project to a robot named WALL*E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Earth Class). But after several centuries of solitary cleaning, the little automaton has gotten a bit lonely.

Cue the arrival of a massive spaceship and its cargo, a sleek, zippy robot named EVE (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator). The ensuing romance is only the first of many adventures in store for WALL*E, who sets out to uncover the whereabouts of the human race. We suspect he may be destined for greater things than sorting through garbage.

"There's something very appealing about the idea of the last robot on Earth, whom someone forgot to turn off," says director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life). Of course, he's a bit biased, but we have to agree: The endearing story and brilliantly convincing animation will make kids happy that this little machine was left on.

—Pamela Cortland

WALL*E opens Fri 27.

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