Timeout New York Kids

Make the most of your city

Kid confidential: Adrien, 6, Fort Greene

  • Photograph: Heather Gallagher


  • Photograph: Heather Gallagher


  • Photograph: Heather Gallagher


Photograph: Heather Gallagher


What do you like to do in the spring?
I go to Underwood Park. I even saw a raccoon there! Its body was gray and it had a pointy nose that was brown and black. I go there with my friend who races scooters with me. He's seven. Well, he's a little bit six, but he's taller than me.

Do you see flowers there?
I pick flowers from our garden upstate! I give my mom sunflowers. I give my dad presents, too, like Legos.

Where do you buy his presents?
At Toys "R" Us in Times Square. I like to buy toys! I love cars—I have a collection.

What else do you do?
Well, I'm an artist. I draw abstract.

Maybe you'll be an artist when you grow up.
I am already! I want to be a swimmer, a dancer and an artist.

What about a model? I hear you've worked for H&M and Little Marc Jacobs.
I went to a photo shoot and they took a picture of me—I had glasses and a fake nose.—Elyse Inamine

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