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Kid confidential: Hugo, 6, Park Slope

A young Brooklynite talks about sports and books.

Hugo shows off his karate skills.

Hugo shows off his karate skills. Photograph: Heather Gallagher

You live so close to Prospect Park. Do you go there a lot?
I play catch over there and they have slides. I went to the zoo and there were pandas and elephants and monkeys.

Coney Island isn't too far, either. I heard you visited over the summer.
The first ride was a dragon roller coaster, and then I went on the Wonder Wheel. And then I went on this thing that goes up and down.

That sounds fun!
Then when I got home I found a quarter. I was holding it and I was looking down, and then I just dropped it and lost it.

What else do you do in your spare time?
I ride bikes with Dad, since he bikes a lot. I had my first race and it was at the same time as the grown-ups' race.

You're quite the athlete!
Today I played kickball and I'm starting soccer soon. I did baseball and I'm an orange belt in karate.

Do you have any favorite books?
I was reading a book and the elephant's name was Hugo. He saves people. They all say, "Hooray for Hugo!"

Last question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A baseball player for the Yankees. Or a toy maker. You know why? I could keep some of the toys.


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