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Tough tykes: NYC kids take on CrossFit workout programs

Kids in NYC are building muscles, self-esteem and more through CrossFit—a high-intensity fitness program popular among adults.

EVF Performance CrossFit for Kids

EVF Performance CrossFit for Kids Photograph: Grace Keir

By now, most New Yorkers have heard a friend or two sing the praises of the high-intensity fitness program, CrossFit. Though the philosophy has been around for years, it’s really picked up steam in NYC recently, and strolling past an affiliated gym where members are swinging kettle bells and stretching resistance bands is a common occurrence. A less frequent sight is kids joining in on these workouts—but with a growing number of CrossFit Kids programs offered at gyms all over the city, tykes will have the chance to try their hand at these fitness regimens.

Facilities throughout the five boroughs including CrossFit Gantry in Long Island City, Crossfit Virtuosity in Williamsburg and EVF Performance in Manhattan are some of the first to provide such sessions for kids. Starting at the end of May, EVF CrossFit will offer youth programs (for ages 8 and up) focusing on speed, agility, quickness, balance and flexibility at their Upper East Side and Columbus Circle locations. In a typical 45-minute class, little fitness fanatics will lift weights and large objects and practice lunges, squats, jumping, springing, pushups and other unique drills.

Though CrossFit workouts are rumored to be a bit hardcore, the program makes it possible for participants of all athletic abilities to join in by scaling the weights and movements accordingly. With a certified CrossFit coach on hand to lead the kids through the workout, parents can rest assured that they’ll remain safe while building their physical fitness as well as self esteem, leadership skills, good sportsmanship and a sense of community.  The teamwork aspect of the CrossFit workouts is an attractive factor for both adults and kids, who may feel a sense of camaraderie with fellow participants after working hard during a session. The unique programs might even help to foster a long-term appreciation of physical fitness for young kids.

Want to get your little ones involved? Check out free demo classes at EVF CrossFit’s Columbus Circle location on May 16 at 3:30 and 4:15pm. Check out our roundup of 10 cool fitness classes for kids for other unique ways to get your family moving!

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