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One World Observatory with the NYC skyline.
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Six things people love most about New York

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we asked folks what they love most about New York.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Although New Yorkers love to be haters, there are so many beautiful things about this great city of ours deserving of praise. 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we decided to put on our positivity hats and ask the public at large what, indeed, they love most about New York. Bodega cats? When the subway trains actually run on time? Central Park? The almost infinite amount of restaurants to visit on any given day? 

Here are some of the responses we got all over social media. Needless to say, we agree with all comments, especially the one user who mentioned "pretty much everything." 

Bagels and pizza

Countless users mentioned bagels and pizza in the same sentence when discussing their very favorite aspects of New York. They’re in luck: two of the finest local purveyors of each type of food, H&H Bagels and Emmett’s, have joined forces to create the ultimate pizza bagel, which will be available for a limited time this weekend. Read more about it right here

If you're looking for more traditional takes on the form, check out our lists of best bagels in NYC and best pizza places in NYC


When it comes to art in New York, there is always plenty to choose from: from outdoor exhibitions to traditional museums and the sorts of immersive experiences that are by many considered to be the future of the city's cultural landscape, responders were quick to note the importance of the arts in their day-to-day.

“I used to absolutely LOVE going to the museums!” one user noted. “I LIVED in them.”


We were just as surprised as you might be when social media users pointed out the various hiking opportunities available to people who live in New York. After all, New Yorkers aren't exactly known for their proclivity towards all things sports. 

Alas, as one user wrote, “There are great hiking destinations Upstate.”

We can’t argue with that, especially given are pretty awesome-looking list of top hiking spots near NYC for scenic trails.


“Christmas in NYC!” one respondent wrote on Facebook. “The city comes to life!”

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing quite like the holiday season in New York when holiday markets are filled with excited shoppers, ice skating rinks become the de-facto places to be and nightcaps are defined by warm cocktails


The beauty of New York goes past the obvious fun things to do here at any given moment: it's also about the city's entire vibe and devotion to multiculturalism. 

“Diversity, everyone is here,” someone commented.

Others echoed those sentiments. 

"The energy, the diversity and spirit of the people," reads a Facebook comment.

"Best part for me: different international cultures and that alone brings several types of cuisines to try, experiences to be had (belly dance, salsa, etc.) and more colorful opinions and conversations," yet another user noted. "I also love the vibe and how easy it is to get around."

The transportation system

We know: our subway system could use a revamp, but, believe it or not, we have it much better than other cities in America—and it seems like most people are aware of that, at least according to some of the comments we've gotten on social media.

"You can take the train to the beach," reads one of the above-mentioned comments.

The good news: officials are working on ameliorating our system as a whole as we speak. The Second Avenue subway, for example, might extend even further into Harlem in the upcoming years while Staten Island is finally getting new cars for the first time in half a century and the Staten Island Ferry is bringing back beer and snacks! 

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