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The best Bloody Marys in Sydney

It's perfectly acceptable to drink one at any hour of the day and there are countless variations to choose from when it comes to the Bloody Mary – the well-known cocktail that does a great job of pretending to be a healthy breakfast drink

Photograph: Anna Kucera

Bloody Caesars are made on Clamato juice (with the goodness of clams!), Bloody Marias swap out vodka for tequila, Red Snappers with gin. You can add in rum, whisky, Sherry or Port. A generous slug of Tabasco and plenty of pepper, however, are vital. Every bartender worth their celery salt has a closely guarded Mary mix. And no wonder – it's a magical drink that's as quick to revive you as it is to put you under again. Try these on for size... 

The best Bloody Marys in Sydney

Bills - Bondi

Ask for the… Bills’ Spicy Mary
Things have taken on a distinct Asian flavour here. Korean chilli, lime, coriander joins Clamato juice (it’s exactly as it sounds – clams and tomato juice, mixed) to make what’s essentially a Bloody Caesar (or is that a Bloody Kim?).

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Bondi Beach

Acre Eatery

Ask for the... Bloody Mary

A community farm in the Inner West is Sydney’s latest lunching hot spot. Let someone else be the designated driver so that you can order up a savoury Bloody Mary with that bright, high spice level from jalapeños.

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Spice Temple

Ask for the… Ox 
This CBD bunker might be famous for its yum cha and its multi-regional Chinese menu that delves deep into chilli, pepper and spice, but they also have a pretty snappy cocktail list. Each drink is named for animals of the Chinese zodiac, but today we’re after their mix of tomato juice, capsicum, XO and vodka.

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Eau de Vie

Ask for the… EDV Bloody Mary
It’s the boozy little hideaway that’s been setting the bar for classic cocktail drinking in Sydney for the past four years. In turn, most of the city’s great bartenders have run a turn at the shakers here. And while they favour the magical, mystical, nitro-tini end of the drinks scale, they also knock a Mary any way you take it out of the park.

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Panama House

Ask for the… Panama Mary 
Part bar, part café and part restaurant, Panama House is another offering from the folks behind the Shop and Wine Bar and the Corner House – the latter a couple doors down Bondi Road along with other South Bondi bars (SoBo, if you will). Take a run at their mix of white rum, tomato juice, port, lime juice, chipotle and, um, gumbo. Whoa.

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Papi Chulo

Ask for the… Bloody Ceaser Romero
The restaurant that long lunches were made for. Surround yourself with barbecued meats, cold cans of PBR and a round of Bloody Caesars – here it’s lemongrass infused Olmeca Altos Tequila, papi's spice mix, olive, and clamato juice.

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Got a hangover that needs help?

The best bacon and egg rolls in Sydney

Whoever first put cured, fried pork and soft, melty eggs together deserves a seriously prestigious award, in our opinion. Stuff them between two layers of soft white bread, spread on a heap of butter and you’ve pretty much got food nirvana right there. So we took it upon ourselves to traipse the streets of Sydney to find you the best bacon and egg rolls to fix any hangover, heartbreak or hard-earned snack. Man, it’s a tough job.

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By: Freya Herring