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Best burger restaurants in Chicago

The best burger restaurants in Chicago offer perfect cheeseburgers, crisp fries and creamy milkshakes

Photograph: Kevin J. Miyazaki
Small Cheval

Chicago may be known as a hot dog city, but here's a secret—our burgers are just as good as our sausages. The best burger restaurants serve everything from smashed griddled patties to thick burgers piled with creative ingredients. And, of course, they serve some of the city's best French fries and best milkshakes as well. Here's where we head to satisfy our burger cravings.

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Best burger restaurants in Chicago


Red Hot Ranch Lakeview

The second location of the late-night hot dog and fried shrimp joint is a little glitzier (televisions, seats), but the most important difference is that it also offers burgers: thin, griddled patties with perfectly melted cheese, LTO and special sauce. With fries, the double cheeseburger is less than $5, which makes the Red Hot Ranch Burger not only the best burger, but the best deal as well.

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Lake View

Small Cheval

As the name implies, this an offshoot of Au Cheval, and the menu is inspired by the restaurant’s most famous item—the cheeseburger. This isn’t the exact same burger, but enumerating the differences feels like splitting hairs. It’s a little smaller and $1 cheaper. You can add bacon (it’s thinner than at Au Cheval), and lettuce and tomato, though the burger doesn’t need them. The super-thin patties themselves don’t add much flavor, but the perfectly melted cheese, Dijon, onion, pickles and puffy bun add up to a delicious combination.

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Wicker Park

Edzo’s Burger Shop

Uncommonly thick Nutella shakes, fries with truffle salt—where does the low-brow end and high-end begin at Eddie Lakin’s burger shop? The answer is that it’s intertwined, because the most crucial, highfalutin things Lakin does—grinding his own meat and hand-cutting the potatoes for his fries—pervade almost every dish. The burgers actually taste beefy, and the fries are textbook examples in frying. So while we’re happy Lakin took those surly, greasy Vienna shops as his inspiration, we’re equally stoked he chose not to follow their practices.

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Kuma’s Corner

The servers here sport more ink than a Bic factory, and the metal is cranked up so loud you can’t hear yourself talking, but therein lies the charm. Squeeze through the ass-to-elbows crowds and up to the long bar, where you might be in for a lengthy wait. What’s the draw? Well, the Slayer burger, for one—a pile of fries topped with a half-pound burger, chili, cherry peppers, andouille, onions and Jack cheese on a pretzel bun. That, and the extensive menu of craft beers, including plenty of limited edition local brews to get before they’re gone.

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Fatso's Last Stand

This “last stand” serves Fatso's and Smash burgers to neighborhood regulars and late-night revelers. Open until 4am on Friday and Saturday, the Ukrainian Village outpost is ready and waiting whenever your next patty craving strikes. If you're a hungry newbie, order the Super Ooey Gooey, two Smash patties stuffed with cheddar, bacon and giardiniera and topped with Fatso sauce, tomato, lettuce and onion. 

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Ukrainian Village

M Burger

The Chicago chain serves a perfect facsimile of a fast food burger, but its local status means we don't feel quite so bad indulging in a bacon and cheese-topped M Burger or a super spicy Hurt Burger, piled with jalapenos, pepper jack and spicy barbecue sauce. Round out your meal with a rich, creamy shake, and ask what the special "secret" flavor is on your visit.

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Butcher & the Burger

Allen Sternweiler’s adorable burger joint doubles as a butcher shop. It’s a DIY affair: Customers pick their meat, bun, spice rub and toppings before the burger is made to order. It’s possible to make mistakes (we found the pork patty a little lackluster) but if you stick to beef, go with “Grandma’s onion soup” rub and flank your burger with an order of the accomplished fries—you’ll be glad you did. Tack on a scoop of the house-made custard, and you’ll be even happier.

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Lincoln Park

Au Cheval

We know, we know. You have a love-hate relationship with Au Cheval. The West Loop spot is known for its award-winning double-decker burger and its hours-long wait. Truthfully, a trip to Au Cheval is an ordeal, but that won't stop us from commending its signature dish. Whether you order a single (two patties) or a double (three), the meat here is topped with Kraft singles, Dijonnaise and house-made pickles. If the wait left you ravenous, opt to add a fried egg, bacon or foie gras. 

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West Loop

Shake Shack

This New York import shows no signs of slowing down. With three Chicago locations (and counting), Shake Shack is winning hearts and stomachs with its signature burger, which is topped with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo and sandwiched inside a pillowy bun. Whatever you do, don't skimp—order the crinkle fries. 

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River North

Good Stuff Eatery

When DC Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn opened the first Chicago outpost of his casual burger joint, he airlifted the menu straight from DC. That explains the name of the Prez Obama burger, which hits all the right notes and textures, from sweet onion marmalade to salty bacon to sharp Roquefort and pungent horseradish mayo. Order fries so you can make a trip to the mayo bar for sriracha mayo, and don't leave without trying the creamy, gooey toasted marshmallow milkshake.

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DMK Burger Bar

Creative (but never overdone) toppings make the smashed-patty burgers at DMK sing. Try the No. 4, with roasted hatch green chili, Sonoma Jack cheese, smoked bacon and a fried egg. For $3, make it a double. The fries aren't to be overlooked either, and since they're available in two sizes, you'll be able to try both the cheddar and scallion and the blue cheese and bacon without overdoing it.

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Lake View

Top Notch Beefburger

The Beverly neighborhood has a relaxed small-town-in-1965 feel, and one of the contributing reasons is this dose of Americana, both old enough and friendly enough to be your grandmother. The namesake burger is old-school minimalist, a deeply satisfying quarter-pound patty of fresh ground round sauteed in its own juices and served with the simplest toppings—grilled onions and ketchup-mustard-pickle on a feather-light bun. Just as good are the fresh-cut fries, cooked in beef tallow, and as long as you’re dining as if it’s 1965, finish up with a thick chocolate shake.

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Grange Hall Burger Bar

Whether you're looking for a turkey burger, a gluten-free burger, a veggie burger or a good ole beef burger, Grange Hall is the place to go for options. The West Loop mainstay offers 10 varieties on its regular menu, alongside waffle fries, dipping sauces galore and fresh pie. Our favorite of the bunch is the Berries and Brie with grassfed beef, arugula, mixed berry compote, Dijon aioli and red wine balsamic reduction. It's a jammy good time and should be paired with onion rings and a Hillbilly Margarita. 

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West Loop

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By: Time Out editors


mike h

Hax in Printer's Row and Burger Pointe in the South Loop. Try venturing south of Congress more often...

Obviously you haven't been to the Chicago Tribune's Best Burger in Chicago = The Loyalist, 177 N Ada St.  West Loop

Ernestine B

You left ofc the best place....Owen and Engine. Their burger. topped with carmelized onions and English cheddar is inforgettable!

Jessie H

Oh my, these burgers look so good! I have been dying to eat a fresh burger for awhile. You can tell this is a pure beef patty just by the shape. That's what I want to see in a good restaurant, meat that you know if real. All these you've listed are perfect, I'll have to try them all someday. http://www.billsoldetavern.com 

Brandon K

I would suggeat The Red Door Bar and Grill in BuckTown. Off the Hook

Scott B

No Lockdown??????????

Kara R

Burger Pointe in the South Loop. They have the most AMAZING burger combos. They do spicy toppings better than anyone. Wasabi mayo? I don't even like Wasabi (or other super-powered flavors), but when they do it, it's AMAZING!

Plus, I think my husband would kill someone if he had to to get his hands on their cinnamon sugar sweet potato fries.

Matt F

No Au Cheval?! Unfollowing TimeOut now!

Matt F

Au Cheval not on the list?! Unfollowing TimeOut now. What a joke..

Frankie M

No Leadbelly?? Leadbelly leaves Kuma's in the dust!!

Matt T

How about Bad Apple?

Tani T

No Au Cheval? Shame! 

David M

How about doing one with best burger places in the suburbs?  Tom's Steak House in Melrose Park does a wicked burger!

Greg K

What about Five Guys? There is one at 11th and Wabash and a few around the city and in the suburbs. They were selected as one of the top 5 best tasting burgers in the country!!!!


...and now Shake Shack & Good Stuff Eatery.

Jordan O

I don't know why everybody always forgets Epic Burger.  IMO it's a lot better than M burger if we're going with chains.