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5 Easy ways to bring wellness into your home

It’s time to create a living space that supports your wellbeing
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Fontaine Cheng

Wellness isn’t just about healthy eating and working out. It’s also about creating a balanced and relaxing atmosphere at home, where many of us are spending more time these days. A retreat from the outside world, your home can have a significant impact on your health, so it’s worth taking the time to create a comfortable space to live and work in. From clearing out your closet to bringing nature indoors, here’s how to bring wellness home for a happier and more productive lifestyle.

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5 Easy ways to bring wellness into your home

Clear the air
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Clear the air

Your living environment, in which you eat, sleep and work, may contain allergens, bacteria, and even viruses, when airflow is restricted inside, so it’s vital to keep air circulating. Depending on the location of your home, you can choose to open a window to let air in. But for many of us in Hong Kong, we’re almost always near a construction site, and well, it’s too hot most of the year, so windows aren’t always an option. Instead, use an air purifier which helps to get rid of airborne contaminants. British tech brand Dyson offers a great option in the form of their cool purifying tower fan ($3,280), which projects and circulates purified air and has a cooling fan for the summer. They even have a smaller, desk-size version for your home office. Another more entry-level option is from Xiaomi. The Mi Air Purifier 3H ($1,099) is a quiet, space-saving and simple-looking machine which will easily blend in with the rest of your home.

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Much like plants that use light as their main source of energy, we humans also need light. Natural sunlight is said to make us happier and can help to reduce the symptoms of depression too. When you’re at home during the day, draw the curtains or blinds and let some natural light in. As the sunlight fades and we turn to artificial light, colour and ambience can really set the tone and shape your mood. Choose soft, warm lights to help you relax in the evening and bright, cool lights during the day, or simply choose different lights for different rooms. The home office, kitchen or bathroom can be filled with a cooler light, while bedrooms and cosy living room areas can benefit from something warmer. Try Ikea’s Tradfri smart lighting kit which comes with two bulbs and a device ($659) that works with an app on your smartphone to control up to ten wireless bulbs so you can turn on, off, dim, change colour, or switch tone.

Declutter and organise
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Declutter and organise

A messy home can cause stress and impact productivity, but a clean and organised home has the potential to boost creativity and can even free up more living space. Do it like Marie Kondo and only keep the things that spark joy. You can even help the local community by donating clothes and items to those that need it. But if you’re time-poor and energy-deprived like the rest of us, you can get someone to do it all for you. Yes, you read that right, you can hire your very own professional organiser. Local start-up Clean and Rosy, founded by working mum Rosy Tu, does just that and offers her expertise to help you design, organise and implement bespoke storage systems that are sustainable and affordable ($400-500 per hour). Be it the living room, home office, kitchen, kids’ rooms, or bedroom, put your feet up and be ready to enjoy your decluttered space.

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It’s no secret that oxygen-boosting indoor plants can help improve your overall well being at home. But greenery doesn't have to be the only way to do this. Adding natural elements, materials and textures or colour accents of leafy green or sea blue also work. Wood and marble, for example, not only look great but also feel nice to touch. Bringing the outdoors in can make the home feel fresh and balanced. Transform your house into a home with the help of the best furniture stores in Hong Kong or take a look at eco-wood furniture brand Tree which offers a wide range of natural materials including teak, walnut and oak finishings. Or head to Indigo Living, for their collection of marble furnishings including coffee tables, sideboards and home accessories.

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While renovating or redecorating your entire home might not be feasible, carving out a space in which you can truly relax is definitely doable. Whether it’s a small reading nook in the living room or a space to meditate in your bedroom, be intentional about making this space your own, a place for some real downtime. To amplify this experience, olfaction – the sense of smell – is key. Global skincare brand Aesop have their very own home range that does this with ease. Try their aromatic room sprays ($395) for instant relief such as Olous which uses citrus to brighten the room before balancing with woody notes of evergreen forest thanks to cedar and refreshing cardamom, and Istros, a vibrant blend of florals, lavender, and tobacco accented with pink pepper to stimulate the senses. For a slower release, light their Callippus candle ($800) and discover the austere scent of earthy frankincense, guaiac wood, and vetiver freshened up with notes of shiso leaf. Inside the candles, you’ll find wellness quotes including a line from ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus: “no age is too early or too late for the health of the soul”.

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