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Canyoning, hike
Photograph: Courtesy HKOutsider

Outdoor adventure groups to join in Hong Kong

Discover groups in Hong Kong that will help you make the most out of your outdoor adventure
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Tatum Ancheta

Joining a hiking group is an excellent way to learn more about Hong Kong trails and the essentials that you need to prepare. Expert outdoor explorers can tell you about their favourite hikes, waterfalls, and discoveries. They are also equipped to recognise imminent danger and guide you away from nasty slopes. Read below and discover hiking and outdoor adventure groups to help you get started in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure
Gordon Hon I Photograph: Courtesy Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure/Karen Chan

Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure

For people who want to get started with canyoning, rock climbing, and zip-lining, Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure provides professional guides for beginners without experience or those looking for extreme adventures. Founded in 2012 by Gordon Hon, the organisation aims to share the fun and adventure of traversing the outdoors. Gordon and his team of experts learnt guiding technology and skills abroad and are certified for canyoning and rock climbing, so you'll know you'll be in good hands when you book any of their programmes. 

Gordon Hon

"Locals only started to go on river trekking before 2012. We were one of the earliest groups to host canyoning, but now more people are heading out for this experience," says Gordon. "It is essential to hire a professional guide to lead you or take a course before heading out for high-risk activities. Join hiking groups so you'll have experienced hikers to look out for your safety," he adds. 

To enquire or book an activity, visit or email them via

Roland Sharman I Photograph: Courtesy HKOutsider


HKOutsider is a community of outdoor enthusiasts founded by Roland Sharman in 2017. The group organises day and night off-trail hikes, coasteering, stream trekking, canyoning, and rock climbing. Beginners are invited to the group's mid-week evening or weekend hike so the leadership team can assess the experience and skills of the participants before exposing them to more strenuous activities. 

Roland Sharman

"We are an organisation focussed on bringing people together in an adventure environment to promote and improve overall well being," shares Roland. "These days, there are a lot of inexperienced people seeking out more alternative routes, and we see a corresponding increase in accidents and fatalities. You should always go with someone experienced with good knowledge of the route." 

Follow HKOutsider on Instagram, Facebook, and visit their site for more information. You may also reach them via if you have any enquiries. 

Hong Kong Hiking Meetup
Dan Van Hoy at Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls I Photograph: Courtesy Hong Kong Hiking Meetup

Hong Kong Hiking Meetup

Founded more than 15 years ago, Hong Kong Hiking Meetup (HKHM) has more than 25,000 members and offers day and night hikes all week long. Their activities cater to everybody, from beginners to those with more experience. 

Hong Kong Hiking Meetup at Shing Mun Country Park

"Hong Kong is absolutely one of the best places to hike in the world because of its variety, quantity, and easy accessibility," says HKHM's Dan Van Hoy. "There is certainly an increase in people coming out to hike. I think many people realise during this pandemic that we are not born to stay indoors, and to be healthy is not to stay inside. For beginner hikers, it is best to go out with other experienced hikers or guides to prevent injuries," he adds. 

To join the group, click this link and request to join the group. People interested will just need to provide basic information and wait for the group's approval.

Eye Opener HK Hiking
Photograph: Courtesy Eye Opener HK Hiking

Eye Opener HK Hiking

Established in 2016, Eye Opener HK Hiking organises safe but enjoyable hikes around Hong Kong. The group offers hikes of varying difficulties, ranging from easy to extreme. Joining the group's hiking events are free unless bookings are needed for transportation. The routes have been tried and tested by team members Peter Kwong and David Kwok and the rest of the leadership team before new members are introduced to the trails. 

Eye Opener HK Hiking's David Kwok and Peter Kwong

"Hiking is certainly getting more popular over recent years," shares Peter Kwong. "The hiking community has been creatively initiating new and interesting paths, and the government is doing a good job to conserve and maintain the country parks as well as marine park trails." 

"Hong Kong's geography has some most amazing geomorphic landforms and vegetation varieties," explains David Kwok. "We see the need to have more hiking groups like ours that could assist in channelling and guiding newbie hikers into the fascinating multitudes of hiking in Hong Kong," he adds. 

Interested participants can join the group via this link. Make sure to read the terms of the membership as habitual no-shows, double-bookings and late cancellations may result in their membership being removed. 

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