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A group of people waiting at a tram stop as a tram pulls up.
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The 30 moments that give every Melburnian anxiety

“This train will no longer be going through the city loop."

Rebecca Russo
Written by
Rebecca Russo

Generally speaking, Melburnians are pretty laidback people who enjoy the big city life. We love a bevvy in the sun, a dip at the pool and an endless dumpling session with friends. But there are heaps of little things that can make Melburnians inexplicably anxious – here's just 33 of them.

1. When there are too many people at a rooftop bar.
2. When the temperature dips below 10 degrees.
3. “You are now leaving the free tram zone."
4. When you want a croissant from Lune but it’s already 10am and there’s a huge line.
5. “This train will no longer be going through the city loop."
6. Replacement buses.
7. When you’re at the lights at an intersection and someone starts cleaning your car window and you have absolutely no change.
8. A cool change and you forgot a jumper.
9. In fact, any kind of weather change.
10. When you accidentally cut the tram off and you get the dreaded ‘DING DING DING’.
11. Ticket inspectors.
12. Christmas at Queen Vic Market.
13. When someone sneezes or coughs in your immediate vicinity. 
14. The creepy Myer windows.
15. Realising the NGV’s big exhibition is closing and you still haven’t seen it.
16. Catching a tram or train through Richmond after a footy match.
17. Flash flooding in the CBD.
18. The aggressive spruikers along Lygon Street, Hardware Lane and Chinatown.
19. Walking down Swanston Street.
20. The line at Chin Chin on a Friday night.
21. Driving under the Montague Street Bridge.
22. When you see cyclists riding really close to the tram lines.
23. Going to Queen Vic Market and realising you have no cash (rookie error).
24. Roadworks on the Tulla and you need to get to the airport.
25. When they get your coffee order wrong and you’re too polite to bring it back.
26. A massive queue for the Skybus and you’re not sure you’re going to get on the bus.
27. When you’re at a rooftop bar and you see the clouds forming.
28. Trying to get a table at Arbory Afloat.
29. Living or working anywhere near Albert Park during Grand Prix season.
30. When you need to top up your Myki and your train is arriving (if you've an Android phone, you can now use that instead). 


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