Where can I get booze on Good Friday?

It's Good Friday, the fridge is empty and my, you could do with a drink. What do you do?

Photograph: Daniel Boud

If you’re anything like us, this should sound familiar: it’s Good Friday, you’ve got nothing in the house, and there’s some sort of social occasion for which you obviously need a bottle. Except it’s the one day of the year when booze is least available. So, before you head out around town in a desperate state of alcohol-deprived panic, what are your options?

NSW has strict laws on alcohol sales on Xmas and Good Friday, which boil down to the following: absolutely no takeaway alcohol, and licensed venues can only serve on premises from midday-10pm. So, in other words, bottleshops are closed. And while pubs are open, they can't serve takeaway alcohol.

There's one loophole: venues that have a producer's license (ie: that brew) may be able to sell their wares. So get ready to stock up on fresh growlers of cracking local brews, some craft spirits or even a six-pack.

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Where can I get booze on Good Friday?

Archie Rose

Good Friday noon-10pm (full distillery range available for take away) 
Saturday noon-11.30pm
Easter Sunday noon-10pm
Monday noon-10pm


Modus Operandi

Good Friday noon-10pm (take away beers available)
Saturday noon-10pm
Easter Sunday noon-10pm
Monday Closed

Mona Vale

Young Henrys

Good Friday noon-7pm (take away beers and ciders available)
Saturday 10am-7pm
Easter Sunday 11am-7pm
Monday 11am-7pm


Wayward Brewing Co

Good Friday noon-10pm (take away growler refills, squealer refills and 4 packs of bottled beer available)
Saturday noon-10pm
Easter Sunday noon-8pm
Monday Closed 


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