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The best breakfast yum cha in Sydney

Take a swing at these great yum cha places for brekkie dumplings

Photograph: Anna Kucera

You can’t call yourself a self-respecting Sydneysider until you’ve had a breakfast of prawn dumplings, chicken feet and mango pancakes. Here’s where to get your breakfast yum cha on, Sydney-style.

Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant

A perennial favourite with yum cha fans the city over. We’re suckers in general for those Chinese donut sticks wrapped in soft noodle sheets, but the version here goes one better, stuffing the middle with scallop mousse. Take a posse and book, or insist on a downstairs table for maximum action.

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Arrive just before lunch on any given day and be greeted with two levels of madness, in the best possible way. It’s a favourite with leading Sydney chefs (is that Tetsuya Wakuda hoeing into a plate of bible tripe?), but don’t expect anything civilised here – you’ve got to be prepared to fight for your braised pork knuckles.

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Kam Fook - Chatswood

Carts do the rounds filled with silky scallop and snow-pea dumplings and plates of surprisingly light pan-fried rice noodles dusted with toasted sesame seeds and served with a side sauce of hoisin and sesame paste. Fresh pork mixed with prawns and stuffed into wonton wrappers make the siu mai a must-order.

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Dynasty Chinese

Walk over the little wooden footbridge behind the indoor waterfall to the Dynasty, where some of the best yum cha we’ve had in Sydney awaits. From sweet, glossy baked barbecue pork buns to an impressive 12 folds in their prawn dumplings, there’s quality and care here that really takes it to the next level.

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Mr Wong

Lunch and dinner not providing enough Mr Wong time for your liking? Good news, dumpling fans – they now do weekend yum cha. This is the real deal which means you're going to have to get up early(ish) in order to make it by the 12.30pm cut-off, but your efforts will be rewarded with some excellent dim sum so we reckon you're definitely coming out on top.

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By: Time Out editors