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U-1, Berlin
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The 7 best places to visit in Germany

From Berlin to the Black Forest, these are Germany’s most unmissable destinations

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

How do you sum up somewhere like Germany? You can’t – not really. Once an empire made up of dozens of kingdoms, duchies and principalities, and later divided into two during the Cold War, Germany as we know it today has only really existed for around a few decades. It remains a complicated, culturally diverse place, packed with an inordinate number of the most fascinating places in both Europe and the world.

This is a nation with bucketloads of history, tonnes of great food, a legendary beer heritage and some of Europe’s wildest natural landscapes. So if you’re looking to visit, where do you start? Here’s where to go if you want to begin getting to grips with this magnificent country.

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Best places to visit in Germany

There’s pretty much nothing Berlin can’t do. The German capital has diversity at its heart: it’s a ‘something for everyone’ sort of place that boasts some of the world’s finest museums and galleries right next to legendary party hubs. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it here.

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Such is the overwhelming amount of stuff to see and do in Munich that it can all feel a bit dizzying – that and the city’s unholily bountiful supply of beer. Elite museums, hearty food, complex, multifaceted history and – yes – bucketloads of booze make this an essential destination.

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Germany’s second city and ‘gateway to the world’ is a force to be reckoned with. Hamburg bursts with more than 50 museums and 40 theatres, alongside a fabulous foodie reputation and a nightlife scene centred on the legendary Reeperbahn. On top of that it’s also innovative, friendly and unafraid of tradition – whether it’s diving deep into it or blowing it out of the water.

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Home to the country’s biggest autobahn interchange, busiest train station and biggest airport, in Germany literally all roads lead to Frankfurt. More than just an economic powerhouse, this is a city packed full of local spirit – thanks, in part, to its vast international community – as well as plenty of museums, natural spaces and historic sites.

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At seven centuries old, history lurks around Düsseldorf’s every corner – but there’s also much more to this west German city than its characterful old town. The city skyline dazzles with flashy contemporary architecture, beneath the towers of which lie innovative restaurants and scintillating clubs. Düsseldorf has all the benefits of a modern metropolis while doffing the proverbial cap in the direction of a long, winding history.

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Centred around its iconic (and really, really massive) gothic cathedral, Cologne sees old Germany and new Germany collide in a mish-mash of colour and culture. The city’s at its best during its world-famous Carnival festivities or its annual Christmas markets, but – from Kölsch brews and chocolate museums to techno nights – there’s something to do here all year round.

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Black Forest
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Black Forest

More than just a seemingly endless landscape of trees and hills, the Black Forest is an integral part of the German psyche. In this spectacular natural wonder, you’ll find an abundance of local cultures, stunning lakes like Titisee and Schluchsee and some of Germany’s most characterful towns and cities – from free-thinking university city Freiburg to old-world spa destination Baden-Baden. It’s enchanting, and then some.

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