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The coolest ice creams to try in Hong Kong right now

Staying cool never tasted so good

Cherry Chan

There’s no denying that summer in Hong Kong can get pretty unbearable without something to cool you down. While you could blast your AC on full power or down a cold beverage, the most satisfying way to lower your temperature has got to be indulging in icy treats. From creamy gelatos to refreshing popsicles, we’ve gathered the best ice creams that you need to get your hands on this summer.

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The coolest ice creams in Hong Kong to try

Godiva’s soft-serve waffle cups

Chocoholics, this one’s for you. This summer, luxury chocolate brand Godiva is launching a crispy chocolate soft-serve waffle cup ($75), an all-new treat that sees velvety dark chocolate ice cream served in a crispy waffle cup, garnished with a crispy Belgian almond cookie and a crispy chocolate shell. The soft-serve is available in a nutty flavour with hazelnuts and pistachios as toppings, as well as an intense chocolate variation which is topped with sea salt caramel-flavoured chocolate balls and a brownie slice.

Ikea's plant-based durian sundae

If you can’t get enough of the king of fruits this summer, Ikea will satisfy your cravings with a plant-based durian sundae ($28) at selected Ikea bistros in Causeway Bay, Kowloon Bay, Shatin, Tsuen Wan, Tai Po, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tai Koo, Hang Hau, and Macau. Each durian sundae will come topped with D168 durian, and customers can opt for extra durian for an additional $13. Visit your nearest Ikea bistro and dig into this pungent sundae before it's gone on June 28!

  • Ice-cream parlours
  • Mong Kok

Macau-based ice cream chain Digreen has opened its first Hong Kong outpost in Mong Kok. While the chain serves Portuguese egg tarts and creative drinks, they’re best known for offering wacky ice cream flavours such as coriander ($45) and Vita lemon tea ($45). But if you prefer to savour something more conventional, Digreen also churns out soft-served ice creams with flavours like Hokkaido Hakodate 3.7 fresh milk ($45), and French blueberry cheese ($45).

Venchi’s exclusive gelato flavours

Get ready to sink your teeth into premium gelato all summer long with Venchi’s latest offerings. The Italian chocolatier is releasing four vegan-friendly gelatos from June to September, and each flavour will only be available for an exclusive period. Customers can visit Venchi locations across Hong Kong to delight in hefty scoops of durian-flavoured gelato from now until September 5, or try their extra dark Gianduiotto gelato from now until July 3. Later this summer, Venchi will be launching flavours like cashew, available from July 4 to August 1, as well as tangerine & passion fruit which can be purchased from August 2 to September 5.

  • Ice-cream parlours
  • Sheung Wan

Need to beat the heat while you’re in Central? Visit Snack Baby on Hollywood Road, a retro gelateria that churns out 14 lactose-free and animal-free gelatos (from $58 and up). They’ve got classic flavours like chocolate, coffee, and matcha; as well as contemporary creations like yuzu ginger or hickory-flavoured bourbon vanilla. Additionally, this venue also shakes up some signature cocktails with its icy creations, such as the Affogato Baby ($188) with fior di latte gelato, or the Port of Martinique ($98) with blackberry and cinnamon gelato. 

Following last year’s delicious collab, world-renowned French pastry chef Pierre Hermé returns with yet another macaron-infused ice cream range with Häagen-Dazs. This summer, sweet tooths can dig into a new vanilla and blueberry ice cream, which features ripples of blueberry and blackcurrant sauce and mini macaron shells swirled together in indulgent vanilla ice cream. Along with the new flavour, Häagen-Dazs has also re-released their previous collaborative flavours with Hermé, which include strawberry and raspberry, double chocolate ganache, as well as yuzu and lemon. Customers can purchase all four of Häagen-Dazs’ macaron-infused ice creams in mini cups (100ml) and pint-sized tubs (420ml). Additionally, the vanilla and blueberry, as well as strawberry and raspberry flavours, will be released in ice cream bars coated in a crispy shell topped with macaron bits.


Before leaving Hong Kong in 2021, American ice cream chain Emack & Bolio's was one of Hong Kong’s hottest dessert spots. Before you get nostalgic, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Boston-based ice cream brand is returning to Hong Kong on Gracefulbee’s website. You can purchase Emack & Bolio’s pint-sized tubs in flavours like grasshopper pie, Japanese matcha, Serious Chocolate Addiction (chocolate ice cream with fudge chunks and chocolate flakes), and Deep Purple Chip (black raspberry ice cream with white and dark chocolate chips). Each pint retails for $88, but customers can also buy all four flavours in a family pint package ($320), or add on two more pints of your choice for an additional $136.

This one’s for all the durian lovers out there – McDonald’s is back with their icy durian sweet treat! This year, they’ve turned up the smell factor by launching a durian-topped sundae, which comes with two generous scoops of Malaysian D24 durian puree served on top of McDonalds’ soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Utterly irresistible for those with a penchant for anything durian-related. Each durian-topped sundae costs $26, and customers can add on an extra scoop of durian puree for an additional $17. The sundae will only be sold at specific McDonald’s branches for a limited time until stocks last, so check their Facebook page to find your nearest McDonald’s location.

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