Hong Kong's best... Mediterranean

Take a trip to the Mediterranean at these delicious dining spots.

Hong Kong's best... Mediterranean


They may have ditched their Solomon Islands concept in favour of a Mediterranean menu, but we still love their calming white décor with modern blue lighting.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Assaf Lebanese Cuisine

This cosy Lebanaese restaurant differs from the other kebab joints in that it provides a quiet and calm atmosphere to enjoy your juicy lamb or chicken wrap. Vegetarians should not miss out on their falafel and varieties of hummus.


The Bay

What better place is there to go for a Mediterranean dinner than Lamma Island with a table right next to the waterfront? Take some time off to actually enjoy island life as you taste of some of the freshest seafood Hong Kong has to offer. Try either the grilled lamb served with yogurt sauce or the grilled fresh salmon served with couscous.

Lamma Island


With a world-renowned chef and an atmosphere almost identical to that of the Mediterranean, nothing could be better than a meal at Cococabana. Munching on their bouillabaisse, rack of lamb, pastas and pizzas with serenity surrounding you.

Shek O

Restaurant Cafe Duo (Closed)

Perhaps one of the most upscale of the bunch set, Duo sits on a street amongst other well-reputed weekend establishments in the neighbourhood. Its food does not put its name to shame either, backed up by a well-travelled Chef who brings delightful pan-Mediterranean flavours.

Sheung Wan

El Greco (Closed)

4 out of 5 stars

El Greco’s unique location by the water makes it possible for an authentic Mediterranean experience with al fresco seating and views resembling the hills of the Greek islands (if youcan stretch your imagination). For first timers, the saganaki and the mousaka are a must.

Ap Lei Chau

Hebe One O One

Bask in the sunlight of Sai Kung while overlooking a glorious view of Pak Sha Wan or Hebe Haven. The staff at Hebe will ensure that you have a personal experience with their extensive Mediterranean menu. They’re also rumoured to have some of the best fish and chips in town.

Sai Kung


Often known as the sun-worshippers’ haven in Soho, Scirocco is a great spot from which to watch the world go by. As well as tapas-sized Mediterranean dishes, they also have a Mediterranean brunch that is more American than European, but on this balcony overlooking Staunton Street is perfect for the weekend.


Turkish Cuisine Best Kebab

Not everyone will live to a 100 eating a Mediterranean diet, especially if you eat here. Kebab “meatballs” loaded in pita bread with a lot of yoghurt and spicy sauce, lamb doner kebabs, pizzas, cheese fries (okay, they’ve got a few other cuisines in the mix) and a bunch of other naughties that will expand your waistline.