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20 Things you should do in case there is a city-wide lockdown

Handy tips to make sure you’re prepared to ride out the lockdown at home

Tatum Ancheta
Written by
Tatum Ancheta

News about Hong Kong’s first-ever wide-scale lockdown is looming, and everyone is on their toes. We are not really sure what rules will be in place and what will remain open, but the first thing we should all do is keep calm, and do not panic. Based on experiences from our neighbouring cities that have gone into lockdown, we've listed down a few tips for you to prep and do before it actually happens to make sure you’re ready for those lockdown blues. 

RECOMMENDED: Keep updated with the latest social distancing rules in the city. 

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1) Make a list of essentials you need to stock up, and no, we don’t mean go all out doomsday prepper and hoard all the toilet paper on the grocery aisle. There is no need to panic buy and get all the available stock on the shelf of your local supermarket. Be considerate to others. Groceries will surely be available regularly, so just to get what you need. 

2) Stock enough medicine, in case you need to quarantine yourself. 

3) Make sure you have a Rapid Antigen Test ready at home

4) If your favourite local eatery is still open, dine-in or order takeaway to show your support.  

5) If you need to buy that one thing to help you ride out the lockdown, do so, especially if your fave shop won’t handle deliveries. Make sure to contact the store if they will have your available supply on delivery platforms.  

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6) Get a haircut from mobile salons or buy some tools for cutting hair at home. If you don't plan to look like a caveman, be ready to trim those locks as we don’t know how long the lockdown will be and when salons will be operating again.  

7) If you colour your hair, get some grooming products to keep your roots prepped for your online meetings. 

8) Go for a walk in the park and schedule that night hike you’ve been itching to try.  

9) Prepare to get supplies for hobbies you love – stock up on art supplies. Fight the boredom and get creative with paints, yarn, beads, pens – the whole lot!

10) Get some workout essentials for at-home fitness sessions

Photograph: TA

11) Get some essential oils, CBD, candles, or anything that will maintain your zen at home. 

12) Schedule your pet's vet appointment in case their opening hours will be affected. 

13) If you've been putting off having the maintenance guy fix that water leak at home, do so now. 

14) Get a houseplant that literally cleans the air so that you will have clean air circulating in your tiny HK space. 

15) Subscribe to Amazon Prime, Disney +, Apple TV, and extend your Netflix subscription. You will need all the arsenal to keep your screen time going.    

16) Buy that Nintendo Switch game you’ve been wanting to play but never had the time for. 

17) Go to your bank and fix all your pending transactions to avoid interruptions if their operating hours change. 

18) Purchase comfy loungewear and get ready to, well, get comfy!

19) Things can get sad, so keep this list of mental health care services in the city – no need to be ashamed. You are not alone. There are always people you can reach out to. 

20) Remind yourself to stay positive and make sure to have a productive routine. Routines create healthy habits, help us cope with change, and reduce stress.

Stock up on supplies

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